WordPress for Android

Writing articles directly from the cell phone can be a hand on the wheel for anyone who needs to avail every available minute and update the blog. Not everyone has a blog in WordPress, but this platform is increasingly widespread in the creation of blogs as well as institutional sites. The benefit of having a WP application for mobile platforms comes in handy, especially for those who have to work with more flexibility.

WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android

With WordPress for Android, it is very simple to write articles or approve comments. In article writing, categories and tags can be chosen. It is also possible to place links and words in bold or highlighted in the post.

Images can be added from the gallery on your phone, which include photos taken by you or even photos on the accounts set up and synchronized on your device. Not everything that can be done in the official WordPress interface can be done by the WordPress client for Android, but it is already very good for a publishing interface through the mobile.

How to install and use WordPress for Android?

First, the WordPress Android client should be downloaded from the Play Store. Just search for “WordPress” in the Google Store.

Once installed, multiple blogs can be added by typing each user’s address, username and password.

In the WordPress settings, the publishing option must be enabled through the XML-RPC protocol. This setting is made in the menu: “Settings”, “Writing”, available in the WordPress menu on your website.

Once configured, just start posting articles, or pages. This article was written using WordPress for Android and also Wifikeyboard for easy typing. I recommend using the Wifi Keyboard for typing user passwords and settings, which is much easier to do by the computer keyboard than by the phone keypad.

What do you think of publishing articles directly from your cell phone? Have you done this? Which blog? Install the WordPress client for Android, use and share your opinion with us!