Women’s Leather Jacket with Fur Collar

The new season of greater importance acquired stylish coats. This element of the top wardrobe has always been pushed into the background fashionable natural skin and puhovikami. However, in this season stylists offer modnitsam female guards with modern decor in the form of skins. Moreover, the experts insist on models with leather upholstery. Of course, such acquisition is not due to budget. But, according to him, stylists, coats with decorated leather look stylish, feminine and elegant, while artificial upholstery looks like a cheap plagiarist.

Models with Feminine Sheepskin Leather

Today, designers offer modnitsam large assortment of short leather dublenok leather, and elongated models. In this interior leather can be so massive and decorating a sufficiently large part of the products and the form of small finishing collar or sleeves.
The coolest models are considered coats with fur, sable and raccoon. According to stylists, this is due to the fact that these skin types have a long nap and perfectly combine with leather skin. However beaver fur or mink look no less attractive. Anyway, if your model ladies’ coats will be with leather, then your way acquired sophistication, femininity, higher sense of style.
Moreover, the designers have made accent color scheme for stylish women dublenok fur. Professionals from the world of fashion this season have made emphasis on contrasting combinations furs and leather. The most popular are considered brown coats with white fur, and black models with light skin. However, there are exceptions. White coat is permissible to combine fur colors. A coat chernoburki great to upper clothing of almost any color.