Women Boots Fashion Tips

When you search a dictionary of terms you can find this formulation boots are a special kind of protective footwear that is primarily intended to protect against water and mud! This was true in times past, when protect, fishermen, workers in the fields and construction workers. Boots, galoshes or rubber boots, say these shoes as you want, one fact remains certain – today they are very popular and trendy!

In the current fashion boots are a great fashion accessory! Especially in damp and rainy days, of which there were many. Fashion designers to accurately hit the weather forecast. Whether it is spring, summer or fall, boots are always helpful.

Although doctors warn against this rubber boots, this trend is not diminishing and is seen increasingly! Stylish boots found in normal commercial network, but also luxury and designer shoe shops.

And who came up with that hit the market?

Beginning aGoodDir.com was in 2004, when Emily and Hannah British fashion company recorded a market gap in the menu boots. And so enforce shoes that no longer sheer work footwear.

To the Czech Republic came a wave of great gumboots with a delay of several years, as is sometimes the case, but more young people excited.

Beware of mold and bacteria

Young people are in this fashion phenomenon enthusiasm. But they are skeptical doctors and skin problems. It is known that rubber boots are airtight and closed foot in it much more sweat and this is unfortunately ideal environment for bacteria and fungi, which may lead to unfortunate skin problems.

Take your boots on his feet in the morning in the woods or a walk around in rainy weather is fine, but if you plan day-long walks or have a boots all the time at work, you should choose quality and breathable boots.

Phenomenon among phenomena has a name – Crocs

To market them came George B. Boedecker in 2002 and soon conquered the world. Crocs, they are said to plastic clogs. They are also rubber, but unlike conventional boots are designed to be breathable and open. There is little likelihood of fungal infections and fungi, to everything they are also very fashionable and comfortable. The big plus have a softness and a varied range of colors.

If trends by matching boots with an umbrella or raincoat, from fashion designers have a big plus. Try something new and crazy go to colored women’s boots!