Wolf Toss, a Brilliant Adaptation of The Formula of Angry Birds

Like more or less, is no doubt the relevance of Angry Birds within the world of video games for mobile. Whenever they release a new update, it is a success. Encouraged by the success of the Rovio title many have been launched to achieve the same thing, with original ideas or with similar proposals in some cases do not end Jell.

At a glance Wolf Toss It would enter that category of cheap clones of Angry Birds. But appearances are deceptive. Zipline Games is based on the idea of Rovio to bring us a game very fun and with a return of thread well posed to a well known formula.

Wolf Toss invites us to rescue the classic story of the three little pigs, but with a slightly different approach. As players take the role of the Wolf, but in this case, intelligent it, we won’t have to blow but We will use a cannon to launch the fierce animal against pigs, which we will have to catch on each screen.

The main attraction of Wolf Toss found in its gameplay mechanics. On this occasion in addition propel us to break obstacles we can move through the different canons What’s on stage (throwing us into them) to get a better position from which to shoot. Each canon, allows us to launch up to four times our Wolf.

In this case we have different types of wolves that can help us to overcome the various obstacles to catch pigs. However, We have different objects that I can use for that purpose. The number and variety will depend on each scenario: flames burning walls, pumps for launch from an elevated position…

In terms of developing the game follows the classic structure of phases. Each with a different design but with the same common denominator: put an end to all the pigs. Once we have surpassed a level we can return to play it with more difficulty and therefore get a better score.

Whenever we overcome a phase we will be rewarded with coins which we can use to unlock certain phases, the pigs houses, and get tips that will help us when we are unlocked. If we need more coins always we can proceed to checkout and buy them with real money.

The development and mechanics of the game are very accomplished however, the technical section is not far behind. Wolf Toss has been done carefully, something that is noticeable from the home screen. Colorful graphics with a very charismatic cartoon aesthetic, the game runs very fluid and the music. Some small details, that you change the music just when we are going to launch to give you more stress, thank.

We found the only downside of Wolf Toss in the resolution. Four-inch devices or more show a small black strip on the sides. Nothing serious but that hopefully resolved in the next updates. If you like the formula of Angry Birds give a chance, the game is fun, free and is very elaborate.

Wolf Tossversion 1.2.3

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Zipline Games
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games