Wolder Nubook 10 and 11 with Remix OS, Convertible and Affordable

While Jide Technologies has taken advantage of the Mobile World Congress 2016 to present its prototype Remix PRO, its presence in the Barcelona fair comes inevitably associated with Wolder. The Cantabrian has announced its line Nubook, convertible or 2 on 1 with Remix OS inside.

At the moment there are two models running this version of Android. Both have made an appearance in an early version, as it is also the operating system. The developer has advanced in Barcelona that OS Remix open beta phase begins this March one Tuesday and bring, among other facilities, installation to hard disk and dual-boot.

We are going to take a first look at each of the models to see what feature, how much it will cost and if you have some probability of success.

Technical specifications of the Nubook 10-Nubook 11

For the moment, the number of name matches its approximate size. In this case we are before a 10.1 inch convertible 360º and other 11.6-inch HD touchscreen. The processor belongs to the family Intel Atom Cherrytrail Quad-core, no more concreteness, with * 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage *. Both also share WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 only local connections, are not supported for networks.

The differences are minimal. The small incorporates a battery of 6. 000mAh while the big autonomy depends on your 8. 000mAh. There is also some other cameras, simple in any case, because the two have rear 5 megapixel but in the case of the 11 Nubook the front is equal and Nubook 10 is reduced to 2 megapixels.

Happy on the outside and sober on the inside design

They are constructed in plastic materials with a metallic touch because the objective is to keep prices low. Inside they are extremely simple, nothing flashy, but outside they have managed to give an own between the formal and the cheerful thanks to the combination of grey metal and color. There will be four release, blue, yellow, black, white, all printed with the Remix OS brand abroad.

The full keyboard includes a trackpad mode desktop mouse control. It also adds some more ports Micro HDMI or ranuera for microSD, USB and volume control buttons. Such as 360-degree, they turn to stay in touch or open book single mode to stay standing.

The concept pursued Wolder these convertible and Remix OS is the de offer an experience desktop style but through an ecosystem that is becoming more popular and more recognizable as Android is. Basically, the matrix idea of the operating system itself. For this reason, in this version they won’t miss some of the most common possibilities on PC conventional such as multi-tasking and the multi-window or shortcuts using the keyboard. For who still does not know, Remix OS imitates the Windows desktop traditional with apps from the Play Store.

The Nubook are at the end of year with affordable prices

The devices have been presented alongside David Ko, one of the founders of his partner, who also explained more in detail the Jide strategy in an interview that you can read on Engadget soon.

You have mentioned the enormous support Remix OS is receiving in its alpha part of the castellanohablante community and by that stage the next language that will be fully translated is Spanish. The process is already 90% so we should not take too to get the update.

Both are at an intermediate stage of development and will not release until the second half of this year. Time more than enough for Remix OS go debugging and arrive at a more stable version. It is estimated that the Nubook 10 will cost 200 euros and Nubook 11 something less than 250 euros.

It is one stinks risky since at the moment it is not clear that there is a gap for Android on the desktop. But as the number of conventional devices grows more options there is a group of affluent consumers who find in this platform practically to create everything you need and that you don’t want to go back to pay for programs that have already purchased.

Therefore, it is not disposable developers willing to adapt their apps to this new environment or to create some additional moving between two waters as it is the case from appearing. Not to be a fork, all of the store served automatically. After taking a look at these Nubook, it seems clear that the 2 in 1 are the natural terrain for Remix OS.

In addition to the Nubook Wolder has led up to the MWC a new smartphone to highlight among the middle class, Wiam #65, and Millennials, a phablet of 6 inches in low range, which is notable for its dual software allowing you to behave as a phone or tablet to taste of the user.