Wireless: See Devices for Use Via Bluetooth on PC

Bluetooth technology allows you to pair devices with your computer and thus help get rid of most cables on a day-to-day basis.Its use is interesting for those who need to keep the desk organized, at work or at home, and allows keyboards, mice, headphones and even printers to be connected without wires.

Discover six little-known Bluetooth functions

Find the practical idea?So check out this list some devices that can be paired with the PC, how they work and the price range in the Brazilian market for those who want to invest.

It is important to remember that in order to use the connection, the computer must have native Bluetooth technology.Learn how to enable the feature in Windows 10 in this tutorial .See also Tips for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 PCs.

1) Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboards can be used on the computer more “free” on the desktop.Because it is wireless paired, depending on the model, there is a limitation of a distance between the PC and the device of approximately 10 meters.Some keyboards can be powered by batteries or have a rechargeable battery, which is more practical in day to day.

There are also varieties in the design: colors, compact sizes, traditional or slim (thinner).Do you want to know the prices?It is possible to find in Brazilian stores models from $ 56 and the most expensive by up to $ 490, from brands like Multilaser, Microsoft, NewLink, Logitech and more, compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

2) Mouse

Another accessory that can not be missing is the mouse, which can also be paired via Bluetooth on the computer .The distance is also limited by about 10 meters to run, depending on the mouse model, with battery or battery power.You can find the peripheral compatible with Windows, Mac OS and even Chrome OS.

About prices, in the national market are Bluetooth mice sold from $ 80, manufactured by Logitech;up to $ 245, for the most advanced of Microsoft, for example.In dimensions are nano-sized models, interesting to carry along with notebooks;the traditional and even the ergonomic, which provide greater comfort of use.

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3) Sound box

Listening to your favorite songs without having to load a USB into your computer or plug in cables may be interesting to the user.To choose the ideal model for your routine, it is important to check the sound power, features and design in the datasheet.

This is because several options are available in the national market, with compact, colorful, more basic models for the day to day or the advanced ones with Subwoofer, that offer more powerful bass.

The internal battery is usually rechargeable and each option has a maximum distance from the computer to operate without interrupting the audio.For those who like customizations, the “JBL Pulse” sound box is Bluetooth and changes the colors according to the soundtrack.

The accessory is sold with a price from R $ 773 in stores online: see the full review .For those who do not want to spend as much, the more compact boxes can be found from $ 41, including waterproof models , for use near the pool, for example.

Are you thinking of investing in a model?So check out this list with the portable Bluetooth speakers.

4) Earphone

Whoever likes to listen to music in a particular way can invest in a Bluetooth headset .So you have more freedom to get around without getting dependent on wires.When it comes to design, the user can find in the domestic market in-ear models, sporty, water resistant, headphones and headsets with external shells, more comfortable listening to music or playing on the computer.

The simplest models (intra-headset) are priced from $ 48. Headphones are found with value from $ 73 from manufacturers such as Knup and Multilaser.

More advanced models can go over $ 1,500, signed by the Beats brand, for example.Typically, Bluetooth headsets are compatible with Windows and Mac OS systems.It is necessary to be aware of the maximum matching distance, which is about 10 meters, depending on the model.To choose the ideal, check the data sheet for sound power, design weight (if you want a lighter model) and check out more tips on this link .

5) Printer

Another practical device that can be paired without using cables is the printer.The user can find in Brazilian stores portable models, multifunctional, that accumulate functions of printer, scanner and copier;in addition to “handheld” printers.

It is important to check the resolution, compatibility with different paper and print speed.See the tips in this link.

The model can be paired with the computer, but normally the operating distance is less (about 10 meters) compared to using Wi-Fi technology.In Brazil, the internaut can find printers from R $ 1,199 for inkjet brands such as HP .Looking for an instant photo printer?So know that many of them have Bluetooth connectivity.Check out the tips in this list .

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6) Cell Phones

Passing photos without having to plug the USB cable into the computer is one of the ways to pair the cell phone via Bluetooth.In addition, you can send documents, music, and more, and just pay attention to the distance between the two devices.

Currently most smartphones offer Bluetooth as one of their basic connectivity.Do not know how to pair the cell phone via Bluetooth?So check out this tutorial.

In Brazil, cheaper smartphone models such as Motorola’s Moto E and Samsung’s Galaxy J1, priced from $ 420, are available. Intermediaries at Moto G, Zenfone 2 and Galaxy J7 may be purchased in the range of $ 900 and the advanced ones, like the iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S7 and others, are in the range of $ 3,000 or more.