Winter Look Tips

Winter is the perfect season to mount looks beautiful, well groomed and sophisticated. When it’s cold season, women can explore all your creativity and assemble productions with textures, patterns and different colors. In addition to investing in many stylish pieces, because, after all, in the winter, as cold weather protected, everyone wants to be beautiful and fashionable! For that, see below, some tips on how to set up your looks.

-In winter, are the stars of any production, making success all kinds, from the low, high, how long or medium. That can be combined with all the pieces, skinny jeans, skirts, short shorts and dresses. To cause a nice contrast, if your look is more casual and basic, invest in a more elaborate, high boots and cool details. If the proposal is a production containing more romantic and delicate parts, give the right weight that was missing the look with boots riding type or galoshes or boots, the feeling this winter 2011.

–Thinking about winter productions, can not miss them, scarves, jackets and jackets, which, versatile, are beautiful in any look, besides surprising the intense cold.

-To use skirts and dresses with a lot of glamour in the winter and not be cold, throw hand of pantyhose, one of the accessories trend this winter. They now appear in a variety of colors, textures and models, give up that lacked any look. In ice cream, bet on a beautiful pantyhose 80 wire wool, which can be of more vibrant colors, in this case, use with monochromatic pieces and more discreet, or even in the classic and always elegant black color, it suits all styles.

-The long-sleeved sweaters are ideal to mount winter looks, choose those that have different patterns, details, more sophisticated fabrics, like silk or light transparencies, which leaves the production chic and sexy in the right measure. Complement with a beautiful pumps, or top-half leg, a wallet and accessories like necklaces and earrings.

—But the winter is not just done productions more sober or daring, romantic and delicate looks also gain space at the station. If this is your style, work in visual, you can choose pieces in pastel colors, such as blouses in shades pink, nude, or with liberty prints along with skirts containing details such as ruffles, laces or straps.Complement with a neutral-toned pantyhose, shiny and white blazer accessories more acinturado, letting you look feminine and chic. Feet, take the shoes, peep toes or heel.