Winter Hats

For those cold months berets are the most current and fashionable hats in all its models. Wearing them is free, there are no specific rules for their combination.

Barrett perfectly combine both elegant coats and shoes as well as clothes in casual style. The hat firmly adheres to the head and so will not only look good, and it will be warm in the cold outside.

Hit colors this year, hats are burgundy, white, beige, pink and blue. Several current models berets, as in the classic form are worn tilted to one side.

Back in the spring the red beret of Rihanna revealed that these hats are among the main fashion trends. The star appeared in a red beret at the bowling club and the combination of the hat with the white shirt caused a furor on social networks.

As one of hats defined on healthvv, berets with cat ears will be one of the top models for the winter. While last year’s models were slightly protruding triangles on top, now called ears on berets are much sharper and bigger.

Stylists however advised not to choose those hats, if you feel confident with them or think you look ridiculous. Beret with cat ears will go into a mature woman.

They are more for the younger girls. Combine is great with jeans, sneakers, voluminous dressesand skirts.

A typical French beret with a pompon is also a model on which you can bet. During Fashion Week in Paris these models were presented by many designers and the audience welcomed them with wild applause.

These berets are combined with elegant dress and high heels necessarily put hair.

Most preferred and this season will be knitted mohair berets type. They are liked because their shape is easy to change and combine successfully in all visions – from the everyday to the official.