Windows Phone 8: No Apps on SD Card

It will not be possible to install apps on an SD card with the new Windows Phone 8.

During the presentation of Windows Phone 8 (8) it became apparent that 8 supports the use of microSD card.

In this context, it has been announced that there will be a possibility to store images, audio and other media files on a microSD card. 

In addition, it should be possible to use the microSD card to “install apps” – it is also true, but it will only be possible to install apps from microSD card into your phone.

There will therefore be no possibility to install the applications directly on the microSD card from the marketplace, writes our site.

And it was surely the most had anticipated, when the wording “install apps” was used on the possibilities of the microSD card.

What are the applications that can be installed from the microSD card remains to be seen.