Windows 7 Tips: Burn Direct Cds/Dvds by System

Disk recording has always been a problem for most ordinary users.This is due to the fact that previous Windows systems did not have a proper recording system.So those who needed to write a simple file were forced to discover the hidden secrets of complex and heavy applications.

Windows 7 Tips: Burn Direct Cds/Dvds by System

Now, in Windows Seven, the recording system has been improved.This system allows the user to save their files using only the Explorer, without the need of additional programs.In addition to simplifying the work, it saves on the license of other products.See below how to make a recording with Windows Seven.

  1. Locate the folder with the files and select the ones you would like to save.Then click the “Burn” button located on the toolbar.
  2. If there is no media in the recorder, insert the CD/DVD when prompted.
  3. The next window will ask the user to insert a label for the CD/DVD.Please put a name that is related to your content.Also choose the recording format: Dynamic or Mastered.
  4. A) The dynamic system (Like a USB Flash Drive) allows to write files as on a hard disk or pendrive. With this format you can insert, delete and modify the files after they have been saved.However, this system can only be used on computers that have Windows XP, Vista or Seven operating systems.
  5. B) The mastered system (like a CD/DVD player) records files the way we are already accustomed.With this format you can not change or delete files, but can be used on any computer that supports such media.
  6. If you choose the format of item (a) , the system will need to format the CD/DVD to modify the file system. After that, just copy and paste the files from the computer to the media.
  7. If you prefer the traditional model (b) , Windows will prepare the disc for burning. Then click the “Burn to Disk” button located on the toolbar.
  8. A new window will appear with information about the recording.Confirm the CD/DVD label and choose the recording speed.Click “Next” to start recording.

There are many CD/DVD burning programs that are full of features, but some users complain about their complexity.Recording from Windows Explorer is a simple and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to make recordings in minutes.

Try this new version and tell us your experience.Will Windows Seven cause users to retire current recording programs?