Will the Apple Watch Work without the iPhone?

According to recent speculation the web, the new version of Apple Watch will be equipped with a more powerful processor and its own module for mobile cellular communication, which will provide the clock independence from the iPhone.

While waiting for the release of the updated “smart” watch Apple Watch 2 June (according to still unconfirmed information) gradually clear image of question wearable device by adding more details. One of the main sources of such technique of Apple, resource MacRumors, the new version of Apple Watch will be equipped with a more powerful processor, but also its own module for mobile cellular communication.

If the information proves accurate, it would certainly be good news because having your own module for mobile communication can bring several important advantages for customers. One of the key is that there will be no need for mandatory use of the iPhone for use with iMessage app and service calls. Own cell module also means another tariff for mobile communication.

Here it should note that this is not the first information alluding to possible independence of smart watch Apple Watch 2 from the iPhone smartphones. Recently, for example, Apple said Thu all applications watch OS, added the App Store after June 1, 2016 should be “native”. They must be able to run and manipulate on the clock, not the related iPhone. It is reasonable to assume that as a consequence the new smart-watch representative should have a more powerful processor that ensures smooth operation applications, and more independence from the smartphone.

Well, we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out for sure: some to June, while other – to fall.