White Laser Can Create More Efficient Led

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratory in the United States have converged the lights emitted by four different diode lasers-blue, red, green and yellow-and have obtained a high quality white light that can be used for the production of “lasers” “Capable of replacing the already consecrated LED.

Scientists also found that the human eye is able to adapt as well to the light provided by the laser as to the one provided by the LED. According to the press release published by the laboratory, LEDs tend to lose efficiency when used in electric currents above 0.5 amps. With the diode lasers, the reaction is reversed: the efficiency in these devices increases according to the amperage gain.

To test the efficiency of the new technique, 40 volunteers were selected and positioned one by one in front of two identical scenes illuminated by white LEDs (hot, cold and neutral light), incandescent or diode laser. Thus, the researchers alternated between the different illuminations and asked the volunteer to indicate which one was the most pleasant.

The diode laser was the favorite when compared to the white LED illumination of hot or cold lights.However, it was hardly possible to perceive a preference on the part of the volunteers when comparing the light of the lasers with the light emitted by the incandescent lamp or by the neutral LED.

The survey was published in the Optics Express magazine on July 1, 2011.