White Coat Outfit

Today finally arrives as promised the outfit post in which I will show you wearing my new white coat, which I here have raved about. 🙂 Granted it fits weather technically not as good as it was, at least up to 27 ° C in many parts of Germany today, but it looks like, tells me the weather forecast for the coming days (apart from tomorrow) cooler, yet summery temperatures at.
Hopefully I can get my new achievement finally again tighten, because in the last few weeks I came to be honest, hardly so. 
directly after purchase I have carried him very often and willingly, but then it went to the temperatures steep uphill, so I permanently only these light coats were recommended for women by programingplease, if at all. Not only this jacket, but indeed I’m quite often worn just in the combination because I love it so much this outfit. First because of the layers of color combination of black and white and and secondly, because it classy total so nice and looks clean, although it is actually only basics and – there is nothing unusual – I would say. There is an outfit in which I have felt in recent times most comfortable! One more thing, what I have to think directly, as I write this post: For days I scoured online shops for a straight, high-necked, tight Basic Top, but without success. Because before I I I had this top already this outfit already so in the head. Sometime coincided with an I but a normal Basictop (mine is from Zara) could just turn around and thus could contribute to the high back easy front – and hey presto it became a Basictop, as I have wished. : D Juhu, so I had to buy a new piece of clothing, and can now still bear the way I wanted it from the beginning to the outfit.