Which Pillow is Best for Side Sleepers

The market offers for side sleepers now a variety of pillows on. One of the most important factors for a good night’s sleep is the anatomically correct position of the spine. With an orthopedic ergonomically preformed cushion this attitude is conveyed automatically, since the head is so embedded that the spine is straight.

The manufacturer Third of Life offers various viscoelastic pillows to choose from. In addition to the ergonomic shape convince the pillow by her good ventilation by ventilation ducts and thermo-regulating remuneration with phase change technology.

GIANFAR is the perfect pillow for side sleepers pure as you continue coming in the pillow by the neck bow with the shoulder and thereby placed the head directly into the pad center to the correct neck shaft.

Even More Pillows

More Eggshell pillows, which are available on dictfurniture, are well suited for side sleepers, the pillows are MATAR and ACAMAR. MATAR is particularly suitable for side sleepers, which also from time to sleep on your back and the cushion ACAMAR for Seitenkippschläfer-ie side sleeper, the top leg toward chest pull and her chest turning direction mattress.

Performance Pillow ACAMAR-the Pillow With Anschmieg Effect

If by a “looker” is mentioned, it is rarely about an ordinary pillow, which is to make the night sleeping more comfortable. In the case of Performance Pillow ACAMAR, the manufacturer of Life Third, it is well aware of a eye-catcher-but one with a functional handling and an exceptional design.

This is partly due to the somewhat unusual shape of the cushion and sits on the other hand the first touched continue-thus, it is anything but an ordinary pillow. It is a very excellent, high-quality Smart Foam pillows, suitable for back sleepers, stomach sleepers as well for side sleepers.

The properties of the Performance Pillow ACAMAR

The cushion provides with its unusual form an excellent support of the head and neck area. The spine is characterized in a natural form, resulting in an uninhibited and restful sleep. The Performance Pillow adapts perfectly to what can ultimately explain the supporting force. It is equipped with a so-called “Thermic-reference” which creates a balanced sleeping climate.

The background is easily explained: During sleep the body temperature drops by about one degree. To achieve this “target” temperature regulation, heat builds up often in the head area. A wet Sweat cushion is the result. The Performance Pillow ACAMAR is fitted with microcapsules that may change such that a temperature equalization can take place.And when the night comes to a close, the microbeads change again, and reverse the effect simply. This is the best high technology-with benefits and tangible comfort!

The side sleeper pillow or stomach sleeper pillow was designed with brains, because it has transitional and ventilation channels, which provide continuous air flow. Especially with sleepers who perspire heavily at night, this innovative feature is a real relief: instead of be astonished humidity this is taken away immediately.

For whom is this pillow is yet?

In addition to the aforementioned abdominal and side sleepers rejoice even sleep on your back on this pillow. It adapts itself to fit the current sleeping position. Not everyone stomach sleeper lingers all night on his stomach-Do not sleep on your back any will lie on your back. Therefore, the cushion is generally for every type of sleeper.

Further, it provides the ideal basis for sweaty sleepers because it regulates moisture. The outstanding comfort of the pillow is the result of its interior -the microbeads. If free body temperature due to the increased loss of body heat, the performance Pillow has a cooling effect, the ambient temperature drops, it heats up further ado. The microbeads adapt by changing their aggregate state between solid and liquid optimally.

This explains why the performance Pillow ACAMAR a “Allseason Pillow” is-it is also recommended as in icy winter nights for the hot summer months. The air balance is maintained-no matter what the ambient temperature prevails.