Where to Buy Sunglasses Chilli Beans

The Chilli Beans is a brazilian network of sunglasses and accessories, with an extensive line of products like sunglasses and degree, watches, handbags, backpacks, bags for notebook, hats, berets, hats, slippers, underwear, swimwear, and more, all with very high standard of quality and innovative design that pleases even the most refined tastes.

The launches of the brand are almost weekly, and in addition to the more than 450 sales points all over the Brazil, Chilli Beans also has stores in the United States, Portugal, Angola, Colombia and even Kuwait.

Chilli Beans Online Store

The Chilli Beans store is the official store of the brand on the internet and through it is possible to buy various models of beautiful glasses, both branded sunglasses as eyeglasses. In the online store prices for all budgets, from glasses from R$98,00 to more expensive models, such as R$248,00. Aviator-style glasses, Kitty, mirror, bent, with large or small lenses, mask, retro style, sport, classic, among others.

Purchases can be splitted in credit cards MasterCard, Visa and Diners Club, and the value and quantity of parcels change according to the final price of the product, the shipping is free for purchases over R$98,00. The site still accepts payments via bank transfer and purchase safe certified by ebit.

Physical Stores Chilli Beans

To find out what the store nearest your Beans Chili residence just visit the website of the brand (chillibeans.com.br), click on ‘ where to buy ‘ from the main Menu of the site, and then select the country in which he resides, the State and the city. By providing this information, the site of the Chilli Beans brings specific information about stores in your region, showing the location of each address and their phones, all to make it easier to find your glasses you want to buy.

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Chilli Beans

The brand Chilli Beans is seen by the media as a success story. The brand became known around the world for your high standard of quality and innovation in design, and has won several awards as Best Innovation store in the world, seal of excellence in Franchising, IBC/Inmetro Seal-lenses with UV protection, Top Prize of Quality, featured in Toshiba P Lanet Cool Awards, Alshop Award and many others.