Where to Buy Handbags

Saturday those, left there the Sexton with my hair looking out from the beach (work of beautiful redhead Beatrice) and I was walking by the Padre Chagas waiting for Chico and Benedict pass by car to pick me up. I could not resist and walked in the gallery where the background, there is the wonderful world of Fatima Mello.

The wonderful world of Fatima Mello is a doom. I never get out of there empty-handed. What I find curious is that, every time I comment on the wonderful world of Fatima Mello with someone (and that someone was

my sister), people say: “Oh, but it’s kind of expensive, huh?”. I answer: “you know?”. All always said: “no”. Well, you should know. Has everything and all prices.

: Only thing of Amrita

: Ear cuff on Monday

Has beautiful brands such as the bijoux Camila Klein and Hector Albertazzi, which are very very expensive. But there are also a plethora of bijoux verrrrry account. Those souvenirs you love give away for ourselves, you know like that? Good buy and already out using, such as rings, bracelets, pulseironas, necklaces, earrings …


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That Saturday, while Chico and Benedict pass by car to rescue me, obviously decided to get lost in the wonderful world of Fatima Mello. Started by maximum earrings, of course. Thus he was involved with necklaces and bracelets. But then all of a sudden … No more suddenly. … I looked up and spotted a yellow bag.



I asked for a closer look. It’s that kind of size of purse that I love: neither small nor great, with space for everything. With an option of carrying in his hand on the forearm and with a greater grip on the shoulder. That’s all I needed-not least because I’m with a fixed idea in yellow. But then the seller decided to tie a knot in my mind and showed me that there was the same model, only in black color.


I was pretty messed up. If the black model was the same yellow leather, I have made up my mind for yellow. But there was a kind of black suede in some parts of the bag that made me fall in love. So I stood there holding the black and yellow, yellow and black, the black and yellow, yellow and black.

I asked to see a green.