When To Wear A Cap And Which Model To Choose?

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The Origin of the Cap

According to threergroup, the cap came in 1869, when US baseball players from Brooklyn Excelsiors used an old model that was used to protect the eyes from the sun during matches. Today’s model originated in the 1940s. Soon after, the initials of the embroidered teams came in front of the caps.

Although its origin is directly linked to its usefulness and sporting practices, today the cap is also considered a fashion accessory and striking piece for some styles, as an icon of urban culture. But beware, it is an accessory that makes good sense in its use.
When to wear a cap and which model to choose?

If you are not part of any “tribe” or character of the artistic or fashion world, wear the cap on: Sports, hiking, outdoor walks, leisure time with friends and family … Do not fall into the temptation of Imitate a model, actor or personality wearing a suit with a cap, or something.Forget! People who dare to use this accessory are those who have a more daring style and are prepared for it.

If you choose to wear the cap other than for sporting purposes, I suggest choosing a quality piece with a good finish and a color that matches most of the pieces you own (t-shirts, shorts, pants), can be neutral, color (Eg, chess or textures), but everything will depend on your style (classic or young).
Avoid Promotional Caps

In my opinion it only has one unforgivable mistake: Wear caps with political party propaganda or promotional gift. Do not even take this as a gift so you do not run the risk of using them. It is only allowed to use this type of cap, to work, or in the events of these parties and companies (marches and confraternizations). Other than that, do not use!

These models of caps are very different from those that stamp brands or sports clubs, so do not confuse.
Source: territoryman
By Elizabeth Zanovello
Fashion and behavior consultant
Post graduate in business and fashion stylist
Biologist specializing in environmental management