What Will Be Possible to Have with Android Wear?

Little more than one week ago Google officially announced Android Wear, its platform to enable manufacturers to create wearable devices. We already know the models of LG and Samsung, although it appears that many are waiting for Motorola to release soon the bike 360.

We know that Google this time will be less permissive with manufacturers and will not allow, for the time being, customizations in the interface. Now well, do we really know all its possibilities? There are many possibilities and, as they tend to tell Anglophones, sky is the limit. At the moment we have only seen a small part of it. We are going to do a review.

Contextual information, following in the footsteps of Google Now

Admittedly you to Google that the work done with Google Now is outstanding. Okay, is not perfect, sometimes has bugs, and there are aspects that we are sure that we would change for the better. With an Android Wear paired with your mobile phone you will have all the contextual information that offers this search engine much more hand.

Travels in public transportation, appointments in the calendar, notices where we move on and even directions from Google Maps without having to look at the screen. Here we are with a real reef and an important differential value with respect to what they offer other platforms of wearables. Samsung, or Pebble nor Sony are able to make you shade in this section.

For me Google Now today is one of the most useful applications and one of the indispensable. I know that it is a personal matter, and that it is not tasteful dish for everyone, but having all this information at the wrist is essential. Now only remains that in Mountain View to continue working to make it even more powerful.

Voice commands

Another inheritance feature of Google Now and that take advantage of previous work done with the voice recognition system. Call a taxi, reply SMS or add reminders directly from the watch. It is useful, in that there is no doubt though personally, I find it a little strange still talk to an electronic device through spoken commands.

Again, an aspect where Google makes the difference regarding the competition. Galaxy Gear, or Pebble nor Sony Smartwatch 2 allow this function. Something that makes sense if we consider that it is a device that receives notifications consistently. Sometimes also read we want to be able to respond briefly. We will see if the recognition system does not betray us.

Security, unlocking and mobile search

During the Google I/O last arose a function that will have devices Android Wear: the possibility of unlock mobile If it detects that it carries a matched gadget. The detection range is sensitive to make sure that we are we, and not others, who are going to use the telephone. But something very subtle, a priori, effective.

Another safety function will be the mobile search from the clock if we are close. Google already has a service of this type and if our phone is close we can search your location using Google Maps or by sending an audio signal so we find it between the cushions from home or wherever we have left it.

Exercise and quantification

It remains one of the most buoyant today. Activity, pedometers connected to mobile bracelets. You may like more or less, but you can use Android Wear to count our steps and know how much we have been walking every day. A good initiative that is partly inherited from Google Now, which also has its own system to measure distances every month.

This section is perhaps left something lame compared to Gear 2 and Fit. Currently there are no sensors of beats, but surely whoever this technology already in use through more accurate and sophisticated devices.

In addition to the quality of sleep, it remains to be seen if Android Wear in the future serves to integrate into more sophisticated gadgets to measure turns, accelerations and repetitions, for example, doing gym exercises. Indiegogo is one looking for funding and it is quite interesting.

The future: which developers want to

The most promising Android Wear is your future. Two devices on the table and people are coming. Google has already succeeded in convincing many developers from around the world to work with Android and move to the wearables should be a natural step. For platforms like Samsung and Sony closed the effort for its part has been greater to convince them and having already entered the Mountain’s View seems hard to retain them in exclusive platforms.

According to pass the time, now that developers already have the Android Wear, we will see many more applications. Hopefully it prime quality before quantity and that what we find ourselves in a few months is really useful. Let us hope that it will serve to everything we talked about and to music, send documents to Chromecast and much more.