What We Can Be Happy In 2016 And Already Look Forward

The year 2016 will be exciting. Especially as far as the Smartphone world. We can look forward to many new smartphones, new technologies, and hopefully new designs. Some devices were already being introduced.

Some of the Smartphone trends have emerged in the year 2015. In many models, including the fingerprint scanners were installed. This technology will make the breakthrough but probably until this year. Last year we also saw many interesting Smartphone. The best example of this is the Galaxy S6 edge, which has a rounded display at both edges. Also has been experimenting with materials.

The LG G4 are there with a beautiful leather back, the Galaxy models for the first time completely consist of glass and metal. OnePlus experimented with ceramics, “Sandstone” and wood back. The models by Motorola can adapt to all needs. Let’s hope that continues this year with similar high-quality materials.

Also the USB type C connector was installed by 2015 in some smartphones. Can we only hope that this development will continue. Because this new connector, provides not only the advantage that it not more wrong can plug it in, but never-before-seen loading and transfer speeds.

What was presented this year already?

Samsung Galaxy S7

At the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Samsung was presented. Many of the expectations have been met. The Interior of the Smartphones were changed more than the exterior. But despite minor changes, the S7 looks even better than its predecessor. The changes inside the amount to a new high-speed camera, a super fast processor, more RAM, and new software features. The display also has enjoyed a major overhaul and now offers an always-on mode. Here you can find out all about the new S7 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S7 edge.


LG Rau knocked at the MWC this year a real hammer. The LG G5 has exceeded many expectations and is one of the most innovative smartphones of the year, if one may say so now. Because we have United once the dual camera, a normal and a wide angle camera. To a chic metal case and a proper Smartphone innovation:

In the G5, a “Magic slot” is installed, the Exchange not only the battery, you can plug different modules on the Smartphone. A very interesting feature, what we actually expect from project ARA by Google. Here is all the Info for the LG G5.

Sony Xperia X

Somewhat unexpectedly, Sony has introduced a new Smartphonereihe. While the old Z-series is replaced by the X-series. The Xperia X and two mid-range smartphones was presented at MWC. The new upper-class smartphone from Sony has a 5-inch display and a, according to 23 megapixel superior Sony camera.The whole thing is embedded in a chic metal case.

As usual at Sony is the Xperia X waterproof, the memory via micro SD aufstockbar and has a fingerprint scanner on the side.

Huawei mate 8

Much has been rumored in advance. Then, Huawei has unveiled the new smartphone. The successor of the mate 7 has a 6 inch screen with a full HD resolution. The design is very well done the Chinese company, is very similar to the mate of S. A fingerprint sensor is centrally mounted on the back. In located is a 16 mega pixel camera. An OCTA-core processor is inside. Here you will get all information about the mate 8.

Xiaomi Mi5

At the Mobile World Congress, the new premium smartphone was also presented by Xiaomi. A USB-C main features include a Snapdragon 820 processor, socket, a full-HD display and a fingerprint sensor. All information about the Mi5 can read your here.

HTC desire 530 & 825

HTC has unveiled new mid-range smartphones aimed at fashion-conscious people. The Smartphone have a partly colorful speckled appearance and good facilities. This 13 megapixel includes a camera and a 5.5 inch 720 p display.

What is given yet?

Apple iPhone 7 & 7 plus

And maybe even a third Smartphone will be presented this Apple Jahr. In addition to the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 plus come back a Smartphone with a diagonal screen size of 4 inches on the market. This display size last had the iPhone 5S. The right iPhone would be so for everyone.

The innovations could include a new design, an improved camera and a faster processor. What built this year for outstanding features Apple, but not to see. There are rumors that Apple installs a Crown, like the Apple Watch, on the iPhone.

The screen resolution of the iPhones could be increased. So it would be possible that the iPhone 7 Gets a full HD and the iPhone 7 plus a quad-HD display. There’s also rumors about the implementation of a wireless charging function, as it has the Galaxy S6. Because the idea is still relatively far away, we can only speculate. The rumors and leaks are probably still pile up. Everything about the iPhone 7 is here.


In the course of the first half of the year, we expect a new flagship of HTC. The M10 HTC to get back on the right track. We expect a high end Smartphone with a Snapdragon 820 processor, a 12-megapixel camera and a 3,000 mAh battery. The M10 will be even possible way waterproof. We are excited and keep you up to date here .

BlackBerry Vienna

It is still not much known to the new smartphone from BlackBerry. The only information is the somewhat unusual design. The Smartphone with the code name “Vienna” is a device with a physical keyboard, which can not be retracted. The BlackBerry Priv for a long time been a device of BlackBerry, which could attract attention. We hope that it also manages with the Vienna.

OnePlus 3

Also OnePlus will offer this year again a premium Smartphone for a low price. The specifications are not yet known. We hope but on a similarly good value for money as by the OnePlus 2. All information can be found here.


The Smartwatch market will be fired this year with new models. First, we expect the idea of Apple Watch 2, followed by a new Huawei watch and a new Moto 360, towards the end of the year. Also the Samsung S2 will have a successor.