What Type of Body and Pajama Choose for Baby?

Dressing up an infant can be a real headache.Some pajamas are difficult to put on by the head when baby is very small.Others with a lot of pressures, prove to be long and complicated to button as soon as baby begins to wiggle in all directions.It is therefore important to choose the right model and this choice is mainly based on the age of your baby.So here are some tips for choosing the most suitable pajamas or body for your child.

The body, the baby underwear!

The body is like a second skin for the baby. He puts himself under the clothes to keep warm to the body. Up to three months, the crossed model is more suitable because the baby lacks maintenance.The pressures on the front and between the legs make it possible to change the infant without undressing completely and avoiding multiple manipulations.

Then, about three or four months, when baby starts to wiggle, turn around … the US shape body is perfect.It slips through the head with a system of crossed shoulders and allows to change baby easily thanks to the pressures of the crotch.With this model, the baby can wiggle in all directions without being bothered by the pressures!On the material side, always prefer natural materials like cotton or linen which avoids the risks of irritations and allergies.

Pajamas, everyday comfort

The pajamas are the most comfortable outfit for a baby everyday. On the form side, the “Y” model, with its pressures on the front and between the legs, is more practical to dress an infant during the first months. Indeed, the model “bridge”, which closes on the back, obliges to return the baby on the belly with each change.Handling that is not recommended for newborns.On the other hand, this model is faster to close because it has less pressures so very well as soon as your baby straightens his head on his own.Most pajamas are made of soft velvet, a material bringing comfort and warmth according to Allunitconverters.com. But it is also found in light materials for summer like cotton or polar for winter!

You will understand that the choice of body or pajamas depends mainly on the age of your baby and its maintenance.