What to Wear with Women’s Leather Jacket

Today, the jacket is an integral part of the wardrobe of every modern woman. But this is not always the case. Initially, the jacket is considered exclusively male garment – for the first time to reconsider this view was in 1962, when Yves Saint Laurent show in jacket-clad woman.

Fashion is variable, and a place for experiments always there – during the 1962 women’s jacket combines various elements of clothes – jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, leggings. Click here for how to wear a jacket. Today once again jacket women at the peak of his popularity, and a woman in a shirt can be in the spotlight. If she will be sure to choose the right jacket, choose a worthy “frame” him.

So, you first need to choose the right jacket, focusing on the characteristics of the figure. Particular attention should be paid to the length of the sleeve – correctly when the sleeve ends of the wrist. Owners of high waistline stylists advise to pay attention to the elongated jackets that go perfectly with a skirt short or medium length. Girls with big breasts better be selected for installation models that emphasize the waist, but the main advantage of the figure is not completely open. Owners of small breasts, respectively, it is better to choose jackets cut free, you can use to visually increase their volume.

Choosing a jacket also depend on the weather. If you go for a walk in the cool evening and not so important, whether to go to a restaurant or a movie, an excellent choice would be velvet jacket. Denim female models – a great choice for those who prefer style or unisex sporty style.

If you want to add to its image a touch of sexuality, it is enough to put on a shirt with a V-neck of a naked body – ignore this outfit clearly no.

Very popular lately enjoys wide jackets, which can be an excellent addition to the little black dress or color. However, it should pay attention to the fact that at the end of the jacket must be in the same place where it ends your dress. The optimum length is considered to be the mid-thigh.

Go out of fashion leather model – depending on the style and adds elements jacket wardrobe, you can create a classic-style interiors, and slightly romantic or cheerfully-rocker.
Be sure to emphasize in her wardrobe space for a jacket with unusual drapery and bright, beautiful buttons – this thing is perfect and in jeans and denim shorts extended. Shoes with heels is better to choose – so your image will look more elegant and refined.

Do not underestimate the role of color when choosing a jacket, jackets women dark color will give your image of solidity, formality, rigor, whereas a lighter color model will make you sexier and more relaxed.

Regarding jewelry, then it is better to combine with solid jackets women. jewelry color should blend with the color of other garments and accessories worn by you (handbag, scarf, shoes, shorts, and so on). Bright decorations particularly stylish and attractive look at the layers of white, gray or black color – these colors tint enhance the beauty and elegance of natural jewelry – gold and precious stones.

If you choose to wear a jacket in the summer, it is better to give preference to the jacket lightweight fabric can be cotton or linen, but must be satin or silk lining. Suffice it to look stylish and original jacket, jersey and satin.

Basically, you can not be afraid to experiment, and always will be the focus of admiring attention.