What to Wear in the Carnival

Look, Hair And Makeup For Fall In Revelry

As the year approaching the end, many people are going to get programming for the holidays, including the weekend of Carnival. If you want to fall into the revelry, you better prepare a suitcase full of fresh looks, fun, colorful and comfortable. Here are some fashion tips for Samba until dawn at Carnival 2013:

What combines with Carnival brings joy and comfort, for sure, why to jump and dance Samba all night, is on the Boulevard or in the lounge, you have to abuse the shoes comfortable and short, in addition to the fresh clothes, as well as the high temperatures common in this time , you’ll still be exercising, shaking the body.

The ideal look for Carnival is a short shorts jeans, sneakers or flat sandals and a blouse quite comfortable, it is a regatinha or Chandan t-shirt, because no one deserves to die of heat. If you are participating in any block or party with abada, invest in customization to give that special touch to the production. Worth applying studs, sparkles, newspaper clippings, and more.

Hair is also important to do something that you let free to dance too. Can be a braid, a Coke, or even a simple ponytail. Work on makeup. Many colors and glitters to make nice Carnival. False eyelashes are great for these occasions, because they give a look even more charming for the makeup. The lipsticks of vibrant colours, such as red, pink and coral are beautiful in summer and also in the Carnival.