What the Small Pocket on Jeans for

Yes, what is it actually supposed to have in that little pocket?

For over a hundred years we have been wearing jeans more or less regularly, especially in Sweden, it’s jeans our national dress.

But in addition to this work on how to wash them so there is a mystery that is bigger than all others, that little pocket. One is not really wise to it. What are the small pocket of jeans for anyway?


A few years ago, Levi’s launched an advertising campaign in which they recommended that filled their small pockets with condoms, a very reasonable use actually, I mean, you never know when you need one, and when you need a so you definitely do not want to be without.

But it is a modern idea, it’s not because it’s available from the beginning. Check militarynous for jeans caring tips. No, to find the answer, we need to go back to the 1800 ‘s!

The old Cowboys have the answer

In the 1800 ‘s, when jeans became the go-to garment for Cowboys (because they are so durable) so they needed somewhere to have his pocket watch, then it became natural to sew there a satisfyingly large pocket on all jeans, and that’s why we have it today, that the cowboys put courage for over 100 years ago.