What Spell to Use to Neutralize Dark Circles, Acne and Spots?

What is the makeup corrector? 

What Spell to Use to Neutralize Dark Circles, Acne and Spots?

Containers makeup can find it written in Spanish “corrector” or in English “concealer”.

The makeup corrector serves to cover and neutralize skin imperfections like under-eye circles, spots, acne, scars or burns from the Sun.

You can buy the makeup in different textures corrector: liquid, bar and cream and you can opt to have them in a same palette or buy them individually.

Chromatic circle or color makeup wheel

To correctly use the makeup corrector colors we will use complementary (opposite) colors to hide the imperfections of the face.

What each color of makeup corrector?

Green concealer

The Green corrector serves to neutralize and disguise blemishes, acne or the sun burns.

Yellow concealer

Yellow Checker is used to neutralize dark circles, bruises or bruised with purple or violet tone.

Orange Checker

Orange checker is used to hide bluish circles or grey and polka dots with Brown shades.

Corrector violet-lilac

The spell-violet or lilac is used to hide stains or yellow circles.

Blue Checker

Blue Checker serves to hide imperfections yellowish or orange skin.

Brown corrector

Brown checker is used to make contouring, contouring the face.

White concealer

The white concealer serves to illuminate certain areas of the face as a tear or the bow of Cupid.

Salmon concealer

The salmon concealer is used to clarify and give light to the face.

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