What Shorts to Wear for Body Type

Whether you are round, small, large or androgynous, difficult to overlook the beautiful time period short. Practical guide to find the right.

The rise of temperatures imposes systematically wearing shorts. Between the mini shorts,Bermuda shorts and denim shorts, difficult choices (good). Here, some tips to wear suitable shorts according to morphology.

What short choose when we pulpy is?

Advantage: You have (rather) broad hips, a diaper rebounded and voluptuous thighs… So many physical assets need to know highlight.

Shorts preferred: Believe it or not, the high waist shorts is your best ally: it marks the size, identifies hips and flatter more fleshy buttocks… We choose a model to the flared cuts for not boudiner the thighs. Another good point: worn with some heels perched, it stretches the legs up.

To avoid shorts: The short that, let’s be honest, does anyone (or almost).

What short choose when it is small?

Advantage: Nothing better than a (small) short to lengthen your (small) size.

Shorts preferred: Rule number 1, get legs. For that, we put on a model fitted and cut short. To you the very elitist mini shorts, as well as its stylistic derivatives.

To avoid shorts: Boycott the shorts to large cuts and lengths extension such as Bermuda shorts, for not to name.

What short choose when it is thin?

Advantage: You are thin, we (really) need to add more?

Shorts preferred: Your slender figure draws a number of clothing profits, which one to wear all types of shorts imaginable. Treat yourself.

To avoid shorts: No, if not shorts insolently holes and too (too) shortcuts. On behalf of the stylistic decency.

What short choose when it is large?

Advantage: Who says big said (necessarily) legs. And nothing like a short to unwrap this gift of nature.

Shorts preferred: Capri, shorts and other loose, way boyfriend shorts, will suit you perfectly. But nothing – absolutely nothing! -prevents you from wearing shorter shorts.

To avoid shorts: XXS shorts that, such an optical illusion, you will wear the panties.

What short choose when it is androgynous and/or muscular?

Advantage: Your athletic body has to do with envy – notice to subscribers of sports halls.

Shorts preferred: (Rather) fine and (well) muscular legs agree to any type of shorts, at the only condition to feminize him! Accordingly, it is associated with a (reasonably) tube top, a fittedjacket and high heels, courtesy of cumulate seduction accessories in adorning it jewelry.

To avoid shorts: Well-weighed stylistic, we have (always) nothing to discourage you.