What Not to Wear on a Job Interview

Being the appearance a form of nonverbal communication, it is necessary to think about dressing up to be to form a sentence. If you do not choose the right words, can pass the wrong message and put it all away.

What Not to Wear on a Job Interview

To make sure that doesn’t happen in one of the most important occasions of your life, you need to avoid some misunderstandings. I could write a huge list using only examples that I’ve witnessed, but decided to limit in most glaring and common 9.

flip flops(rubber, but apply to the most elaborate leather too)

The rule is clear: If you would use a play to go to the beach, she really won’t do for an interview.

It may seem obvious to open the list an item like this, but I’ve witnessed both in the processes in which I participated as a candidate, as selecting. Including, in are Paulo.


I understand that one of the major recommendations in the publications on career of acting with transparency, but that doesn’t mean wearing a piece of clothing that shows all your lingerie.

The look of the person who conducts the interview will be directed to a region that should not and their physical attributes will be placed before every effort that would qualify as a candidate for the vacancy. The vision may be beautiful, but at the end of the day what matters is who is more qualified to bring good results to the company and not the size of the BRA.

clothes that don’t match with the level of formality of the Office

Forget that already tired recommendation that the suit is the best outfit for an interview. That might be true in times of your grandmother, when everyone wore formal manner, especially at work, but in the middle of 2014, when some companies release until the use of bermuda, you can’t put a black suit and a white shirt for the interview stage in an agency full of creative professionals.That doesn’t mean you should wear jeans and a t-shirt to try that position in a multinational Executive.

Nothing States that you do not fit in this”profile” than wear an outfit that has nothing to do with the environment. In times of social networks, it’s super easy to find pictures of the environment and of professionals to better understand how the dress code of a site. With this information, dressed in a similar way, but a little tidier.

Black clothing

An Angel dies every time someone says black looks good on everyone and goes with everything. Doesn’t. But, this is a very complex subject, so by today just to let you know that, in the interview, black can overwhelm your interviewer and/or make him see you as a person closed, distant and defensive. I bet this is the last way you want to be seen in this case, right?

The shades of gray, graphite and lead, as well as some of the marine environment, pass an image also sober, without compromising the result.

latest fashion

Knowing choose what really suits you and it makes sense in your life, fashion can be a great helper. It causes people to perceive how someone updated and well informed. However, when you are wearing all the pieces of the last cover of Vogue, passes the impression that your picture tells more than the content, and that you don’t mind compromising your personality, since the wardrobe is updated.

Watch out! These are downsides even within companies in the sector.

damaged clothes

We establish the following: counts more than the opinion. But, especially when it will decide if you are suitable for an Office doesn’t know you, it’s”opinion” that will tell your story. If you neglect to your image, you communicate to your interviewer who is unable to take care of your appearance, the most basic thing/more important than features, is soon unable to take care of the company.

fair other parts

You might like to look like a fruitcake, but put yourself in the place of the interviewer and realize how it is impossible to assess the qualities and qualifications of a candidate when the only thing you can think about is the shirt button popping or tearing in pants smaller noise insinuation cross your legs.

noisy accessories

Although short, the sound of its beating bracelets can compete with your voice.If that happened, it was all that talk about how your experience and training are fully aligned with what the company looks for and 15 ways that you thought of triple profits in the first quarter.

practice sport parts

Go back to the first item. Replace”beach” for”Academy”. Now repeat after me: if it is of use at the gym, it’s no use elsewhere. Goes for the tennis, for the leggings, the top or backpack.