What Not to Wear during Pregnancy

As we have not yet hired Christina Cordula as columnist on DDM, we’ll make our inventory we have to fashion missteps to avoid speaker!What Not to Wear during Pregnancy

Think that the banner of pregnancy is doing on each outfit! False: the banner of pregnancy, it is nice sometimes, but not always.

Play on volumes and up and down! We don’t wear loose blouse over wide pants, we skipped the hippie long skirt worn with a t-shirt. Maximally try to balance your silhouette by mixing and of the tight (you didn’t need to be too narrow) and the wider!

Imagine that prints, it’s cute when it is pregnant! We prefer discreet and not too big. example with scratches, choosing fine, under penalty to play more drone that p’tite bee that being a bee!

Pass on your shoes! Let me explain: arriving at the office in a plus size cute dress with pregnancy pants of Hoticle, but continue to wear his tap House otherwise they are super comfortable.

Too much overlap of layers! At the risk of appear you more plump you not es.

Hide her cleavage! Your breasts will certainly be in great shape, and this isn’t a reason to camouflage. Assume!

Wear the clothes of pregnant women in nine months so you don’t are only three. Each thing in its time, future mum, as long as you can wear your regular clothes, enjoy it!