What Never Told You of Being a Part-Time Working Mother

Congratulations: you’re mother and also want to continue to work and develop yourself as a professional. Bravo! A brave Tome and loin. But as don’t want to go mad or running out of hair by the way, you are considering to reduce your journey to reach all. However this option is not as ideal as it seems at first glance. Seriously.

The reduced day seems the ideal choice for all women who want to reconcile their professional lives with their personal lives, be with the children, but not throwing overboard all of his professional achievements. But not all the mountain is oregano, Mrs. Nobody gives tough to pesetas, hear. Yes, it is the ideal choice, but Nobody told us it was the easy option. You have your good things and bad things, as we tell you then:

You’re always on the edge of the cliffs of madness.

Working full-time is hard, very hard, even longer before having children. But when you had yours and you stayed at home during the drop in maternity you realized that the household chores could become even worse. Now think for a moment to unify both sensations. Hair like hooks? Now you will understand because you’re always on the edge of the permanent attack of nerves.

You are the parent of the guard. Always.

While you are working, you will be responsible for which will be called every time that the child has fever, diarrhea, is nailed on a Chair (has happened), has caught scarlet fever (also happened!) or have fought with a partner, for example. And also responsible for attending meetings with teachers, appointments with the doctor and all the thousands of obligations extras associated with having kids.

Get to school on time is priceless. Well, Yes: your sanity.

The guilt becomes a Vice.

Guilty when you need to work because you are not with them. Guilty when you’re with them because you’ve left shot your buddies. Guilty because you feel guilty of everything and because you are unable to find the perfect balance.

Of work important things happen when you’re not working.

It’s the damn Murphy’s law. That important meeting, that great dinner of company, those days of teamwork… Casually everything is set for the moment in which you are not.

And the important things your children are when you have to go to work.

The Festival of Christmas, the primary meeting, day school open days,… Incidentally, what a coincidence!, everything is scheduled for the days that you have something important to do at work and what not to expect.

It carry all: report, sweets them for the meet, the cake and even the head. Pity that to succeed you had to give up to eat or visit bathroom.

You work twice in half the time.

The first year I decided to reduce my working hours I discovered that I could have done even before having children because He was able to do the same work in less hours. That Yes, giving up to visit the bathroom, coffee with colleagues and seem like a nice girl who answered more than Grunts.

You have not passed out in bed, you are pondering your new labour project.

The time in transit is a pleasure.

Before take the train or the bus was a hell. Now is the only time of the day you’ll have for you alone: no reports do and no noses clean. Minutes and minutes of nothing that stretches before you. Enjoy them reading a book (a miracle!) or getting a day watching a series (be mother and be able to talk about last season’s House of Cards? Yes, it is possible).

You have pasta gansa and you’ve won it you!

This point does not need explanation, right?

All the pasta that you win you invest in children!!

Unless you have blessed with some really generous relatives and in tip-top physical shape, you will have to find a way of that your children are served while you work, What can only be translated into money. Money for nannies, nurseries, dining or for after-school activities. You will have the impression that all that pasta that you win is by the door of your House before you enter.

There will be companions that you look over your shoulder.

As soon as possible assume it, better. For some of your peers you are a worker’s second for the simple fact of going home before them. Useless to point 6 of this list adhere to strictly, they see only the superficial. What they don’t see is that just get up from your place of work or the mails that you answer at home in overtime that nobody pays.

Sometimes (or daily), you have the impression that you’ve pulled your career overboard.

It also assumes that some chiefs and above that you have a reduced day is reason enough to not assess your work or to not have you in mind with regard to positions of responsibility, promotion or salary increases.

Don’t forget: you will cost double, in the best of cases, prove that you are the ideal candidate for this project that have you been dreaming all your career.

You are a model for your children and the rest of society.

This facet multifaceted, that capacity to combine so equidistant aspects of your life It is an achievement of the 21st century. Some of which feel very proud, and that will be a source of pride for your children as they grow.

Everything is worthwhile because you’ll feel like a human being.

Recognize it: have a reason to take off the sweatshirt and dust off that so cuckoo dress is great. Drop that improvised queue, clean you the remains of baby’s shoulders and wear the perfume that you got for Reyes, also. We are going to let go made a pingajo.

And because your life is much more interesting.

You have a personal goal and vital is the best incentive to get up each morning. Along with meeting interesting people and talk about other things that are not comparative sacamocos and brands of organic baby food which are petando it knows.

Because you have the best of both worlds.

A professional career, independence, money, an enviable family life, full fridge and tissue to survive a nuclear catastrophe.

They are only eight o’clock in the morning, peque has a fever and you a day of órdago awaits you, but you’re lucky because you can juggle and stick with it.

And also the worst.

Guess who turn put another washer? Yes, exactly. Welcome to the amazing world of the mothers who work part-time.

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