What Jewelry to Wear

Jewelry have existed since the dawn of time. Representatives of the social status, religious or even sentimental of the person wearing them, they also have a dynamic aesthetic that we their familiar.

The jewels are also my chosen field. I have always loved them because I find that they t well erminent an outfit and add that final touch that customizes your look. They are inherited from your grandmother, offered at a baptism or purchased in a designer shop, jewelry define you. They talk to you.

This article will deal mostly costume jewelry, I think they are more easily affordable and work well with the more sober outfits.

Put the price

A gem is eternal, contrary to the ready-to-wear that goes out of style, which means that you will keep your jewelry to life, whether they are valuable or fantasies. Try maximally to choose the quality when shopping for jewelry. Avoiding all the major retailers and department stores, you will enjoy a real consulting shop, either in a multi-brand, designer shopping. There are in all major cities of France of multi-brand which bring together a selection of jewelry and accessories designers, it’s at home that you need to go!

Let yourself be guided through the different creators, walk to the heart and especially try on the jewelry in order to see their rendering on your skin. Give the saleswoman the colors you wear and try to steer you toward basic models easy to implement on a daily basis. Count about 100 euros for a nice fancy. This price will be justified in terms of quality but not only. You won’t find him at the neck of all your friends because they are often advertised in small quantities.

Mix styles!

Do not buy that fine gold jewellery or big ethnic jewelry. Mix styles to just create a! Mix your stones with larger rings rings, compare your gems to make them less wise.

Collect fine bracelets fabric on your wrists mixed with larger rushes in resin and why not add your watch and more? Wear your bracelets charms for a custom look.Do attention of all similarly do not do too much. Stay on the same scale jewelry, understand about the same size but in different textures, materials, colors. If you choose to wear one big piece, push it and wear it alone on your outfit (example just a big necklace on a sober dress).

My best Jewelry tips to dress up a simple outfit:

·The accumulation of bracelets

Accumulate rushes of colors in order to refresh a summer look. Only rule to apply the law of the shades of color as explained on this link: to wear color. You can also mix rushes silver to gold rushes.

Mix also forms between them for a graphic effect which will nicely dress arm.

·Play with your long necklaces

Wear your double necklaces or tie them if they are long and thin. If you have any long necklaces of different shapes and textures, mix them together and set the chains at the back of different heights to create volume.

·The bib necklace

Breastplate necklaces are perfect summer or winter. They dressed perfectly a shirt collar, a neckline or a round neck. Choose your bib necklace in soft tones or neutral in order to be able to easily carry.

·The cocktail ring

Glass, resin or metal, treat yourself to a ‘statement ring’, a large ring that puts an end to a casual dress or an outfit of the evening. You can wear it to the index, middle or ring finger. Opt for a ring mount with a colored gemstone and metal. It will bring a touch of cheerfulness to your look.

· Wear earrings

In the summer, I advise you to dare wear the colorful earrings. They will bring something different to the simplest of little dresses. Choose them to clips even if you have pierced ears, because it’s really not pretty when they hang on the ears.

According to your skin tone, orient yourself to colors coral, Yellow Sun or fuchsia. Prefer the creoles because they are more air and so less massive. Lift your hair into a ponytail horse or high bun for a still more sophisticated look.

· Think about hair jewelry

You can add a little style to your haircut, long or short, through the headbands, or adorning elastics. Feel free to use that you have long or short hair.

All kinds of jewelry you can accessorize your outfits to give them that little more style, do not hesitate to wear on a daily basis!