What is Wall Decal Stickers

Wall stickers are still not very familiar way of decoration. Many people resort to traditional wallpaper, for lack of alternative or simply because they do not know what is wall sticker. Think of paper, dab with glue, glued on the entire wall hard is removed, it is durable, has a transparent substrate that fleck its surface effect, etc.

We are facing the challenge to explain what our product is and why it is preferred over wallpaper or some kind of spectacular plaster for example.

We want our customers to know that this is a completely new and different way of decoration that preserves the integrity of your wall and at the same time allows you to achieve a unique and different atmosphere.

The stickers are made of special matt vinyl self-adhesive film with a thickness of 0.08 mm. Glue layer is so strong that to keep the sticker for a long time on your wall, while not peeled off part of plaster or paint when you decide to remove it. No need extra lubrication glue, cleaning, etc.

The material has a thickness of 0.08 mm and adheres to the wall by capturing light relief and the final outturn like drawing, namely, does not stand as sticky plastic, but as part of the wall.

We publish several detailed images to see the effect of glued wall sticker at Neovideogames.

We want to pay special attention that the stickers we offer, are treated so as not to produce peel off the edges. The next picture will display what we mean.