What Is Trekking? Understand!

The Trekking Is The Activity Of Walking By Natural Trails, Seeking Greater Contact Andintegration With Nature. After All, Who Practice Trekking Will Have The Opportunity Toenjoy The Environment, Engaging With Beautiful Landscapes In Places Normally Littleexploited.

What Is Trekking? Understand!

Generally speaking, this practice is based on a foray into the unknown, in a passage of discovery of new locations, on a region map, a history and knowledge of your culture and traditions.

But nothing prevents the trekking is practiced in places already very well mappedand acquaintances. Anyway, is the intimate relationship with nature that makes thissomething so attractive activity for its practitioners.

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Types of trekking

For you to understand well what is trekking, learn that there are different types:

Trekking a day

Of short duration, the walk is around 10 km long. You can go from one point to another, similar to the crossings, or reach some Summit and return to the starting point.

Crossings or long distance trekking

Normally, it is practiced by groups with equipment to spend the night (like tent and sleeping bag) and own power supply. The longer treks can last several days. Some are even called expeditions, when demand for porters, cooks, expert guides etc.

Trekking of regularity

Consists of a competition. An unknown path of participants is mapped by the organization with long and well-defined milestones. What matters is not the speed, but rather stay at the correct route in a timely manner.

The competitions are organized by teams, who usually act from three to six members. Each Member is responsible for a task, for example: browser, calculating andpedometer. It is common to use spreadsheets with average speeds, distances andsymbols.

Trekking speed

Also called adventure race, the goal of the participants is to reach checkpoints in the shortest time, using the path to consider more appropriate, and using tools such as charts and compass.

Used equipment

Check out the suitable equipment to ensure greater comfort to the activity:


For providing security to the ankle and greater protection in different types of land, the boots are the most recommended. However, there are several models of specific for outdoor tennis, being a good choice for trekking.


A freighter – also known as attack backpack – should be chosen as the trekking duration and the amount of items that will be needed for the incursion. The ideal is to choose the one with enough space to accommodate snack, first aid kit, canteen,flashlight and other accessories.


Pants-shorts are preferred to practice trekking trousers are versatile, allowing the removal of the bottom, turning the shorts pants. It is important to bring greater comfort during the temperature and type of terrain.


During any physical activity, hydration is essential. So it is important for you to always have on hand a canteen to replenish water lost by exposure to Sun and heat.


The caps or hats are also of great value, because they protect from the heat of the Sun and even the rain. Sunscreen and anorak (parka) are also essential items forpractice trekking.

Now that you know what is trekking, what are you waiting for to venture out there?Don’t worry if you got any questions: leave your comment!


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