What Is the Right Headset for You? [Infographic]

If you have an MP3 Player or even a cell phone that plays music, you should know that often a good headset makes all the difference.But will you know what the best type of handset is for your use profile?Tecmundo has separated the six most popular in Brazil to show when each one should be bought.

It is worth remembering that this article and its infographic should be used only as a basis and should not be regarded as the absolute truth.If you feel more comfortable with one or another model of headphones, you should not feel pressured to change.


Earbud type earphones are the most common these days.Most cell phones with MP3 players and other multimedia players are sold with these accessories as a gift.But that’s not why they are bad, there are several models that have good sound quality and enough volumes to allow users to hear their songs with satisfactory definition.

Intra headset

Very similar to earbuds, in-ear earphones also do not have larger ear protectors, but they have a sound insulation system.As they are placed closer to the inner ear (usually with silicone tips), external noise does not interfere with song playback.

This type of handset also has some disadvantages for users.Due to sound insulation, traffic noises may not be heard, which can cause some serious accidents.In addition, high volumes can cause hearing damage, since the speakers are actually close to the eardrum.


Those who practice sports also have the right to listen to their favorite songs.For this, there are a series of headphones created to avoid annoyances and discomforts caused by sweat in contact with headphone protections.Not to mention the disadvantages of other headphones in physical activities.

Supra-headsets can make the ears very hot, which can be a great place to develop bacteria (since it’s a warm environment).On the other models, the advantages are more in relation to convenience.Because they have fasteners, they do not fall out of ears all the time.


Supra-auricular is all that earpiece that stays on the ears, but does not totally cover them.Unlike the circururicular, they are open and do not offer as much reinforcement in the bass, but are still more muffled than earbuds and intra-auricular.


This type of headphones is very similar to the supra-headsets, with only one basic differential: the presence of microphones.Due to this element, headsets are the most suitable headphones for those who enjoy playing games online or use voice chat applications such as MSN or Skype.


Few know the earphones by that name.The vast majority of users often call them “headphone with cushion” because of the protection to the ears.More professional models have sound canceling systems (which will be explained later), ensuring even more power to the reproduced audio.

Another advantage of larger headphones is the enhanced presence of bass in the sound.As they have a larger structure, the “rebound” needed to match the lower tones is easily obtained, without the need to simulate the audio.

Isolation x Cancellation

One differentiation that needs to be understood before purchasing a headset is between insulation and sound cancellation.The first concept is guaranteed by in-ear headphones, which make the external noise cancel and do not disturb the reproduction of the songs.

Cancellation already uses more complex technologies.Microphones and volume sensors are installed near the headphones.Whenever there is a high level of noise in the environment, sound cancellation enters the scene to modify the equalization of the audio and cause the bass to outweigh what is external.


Did you choose your favorite headset?Certainly, there is some kind that fits best in your usage profile.Remember that in each type, there are many differences between accessories because of the quality of the materials and the manufacturing processes.