What is the opinion of the experts: Ultrasound is dangerous for the baby?

Our body is our baby’s house about 9 months. During this period many doubts arise in the head of the pregnant woman, one of the most common is if the ultrasound does harm to the baby?

What is the opinion of the experts: Ultrasound is dangerous for the baby?

It serves as a refuge and protection, within us they strike two hearts and any mother wants to defend her child from all the evil in the world.

The ultrasound is one of the most requested tests during prenatal care. This test is to see the health of the mother and the baby and to detect possible problems as soon as possible.

Future parents yearn for ultrasound to see the puppy still inside the belly, it is a very special and unique moment. But will it be dangerous?

Is ultrasound a safe test?

According to experts ultrasound is a safe examination. It poses no risk to both mother and fetus.

During normal gestation, 3 ultrasounds are recommended, one for each trimester. To these 3 another may happen to confirm the pregnancy. This is a sufficient number, along with all other exams, to make a good follow-up of the evolution of pregnancy.

In some cases it may be necessary to do ultrasound every week or week if not week. Who determines the required number of ultrasounds needed during pregnancy is the doctor who accompanies the pregnancy.

Ultrasound numbers needed in a pregnancy?

Three or four in a normal gestation, varies from country to country and doctor to doctor.

1st Optional

It serves to confirm gestation, to identify the location of the implantation and to determine the gestational age.

Morphological ultrasound of the first trimester. Combined with a blood test serves to mislead the risk of trisomies and malformation of the fetus. In this ultrasound the translucencyof the neck is measured .


This test is used to evaluate gestational age, fetal growth and morphology. The doctor checks the baby’s entire morphology as an internal and external organ. The traditional examination in which the doctor is always counting: the fingers and toes, the kidneys, the lungs, the arteries of the heart … It is used to see the amount of amniotic fluid.


The examination that verifies growth of the baby, the position, the amount of liquid …

Ultrasounds are needed for more prenatal health.