What Is the Difference between Sport and Sports Costume

Similar nomenclature leads many to mistake, but make no mistake, there is no difference between sport and sports costume, costume also confuse the two can make you commit terrible gaffes, as these are totally different outfits, used in very different times. See below:

What Is Sport Costume?

This is one of the biggest misperceptions responsible for social events, after all, to modern standards, little’s sport in a combination involving blazer, shirt, jeans or pants chino and shoes (preferably not too casual), the tie is optional, but if we take into consideration what the Americans call the blazer with some kind of pattern (Plaid, stripes) of sport jacket It is possible to better understand the use of this term and because it induces people to error.

In Brazil the people enjoy the dress code for falling apart to totally casual, exchanging the shirt for a polo or shirt, and shoes for a shoes or sneakers discreet. Personally I don’t think this kind of clothes very suitable for an event that has the minimum of formality to the point of requiring a specific dress code.

What Is Sports Attire?

In this case we can take the “sporty” to the letter, because we are talking about a combination of sports-oriented parts, are exercises in the gym or even a game of football, tennis or polo. The difference here is that on each occasion is needed a suit that meets the requirements of the activity, because each sport requires costumes that facilitate the movements and resist the impact generated by them, in addition to avoid overheating of the body.

Dry fit shirts and t-shirts, shorts and bermudas of tactel, high-tech running shoes, caps, tank tops, jackets and windbreaker SWEATSUIT sweaters are among the items that can compose a visual.

A surfer using a neoprene jumpsuit is with a sports costume as well as someone dress clothes for riding, so we can conclude that while the sport costume you a more limited range of styles, the sports attire can be far more varied and present completely different combinations.

You can also insert sports parts in casual looks to make them bolder and more modern, but this subject deserves an article for short.