What Is The Caliber Of A Goggle?

What Is The Caliber Of The Glasses?

Seguramene, when it comes to buying sunglasses, you have found that gives you to choose the caliber. Surely you have asked, what about the caliber? Very easy:

As in the clothes there are sizes in some sunglasses also there are, especially if you buy a Ray Ban. What they pretend with the size is that that sunglass suits any type of face, which makes them be unisex sunglasses. The gauge is the measurement in millimeters of the maximum width of the lens.

Normally you will see two calibers, but which one to choose? In this case the caliber small amount to a size M and the largest to a L. The normal thing is that the smaller caliber tends to be better for girls and the bigger one is for male faces. But it depends on the type of face you have or the type of sunglasses you like to wear (there are those who like to look like an XL glasses).

Examples Of Goggles

Example 1: In this case this sunglasses are in two sizes: 58 and 62. The size 58 feels perfect for not very big faces and 62 for those of bigger size. This last caliber is thought for male faces.

Example 2:  In this Wayfarer sunglasses you can also see the option to choose gauge but as you see is different from the previous glasses. In this case size 50 would correspond to a size S / M and 54 to an L.

Example 3:  If you see that it only puts a caliber (as in this Ray Ban Clubmaster) the size corresponds to a size M. It is a sunglass with standard size, or what is the same, it suits any type of face.

We hope this small guide of sizes will serve you well. Once you have chosen the model and the caliber that suits your face it is time to start enjoying your new and super sunglasses. Remember thatshipments and returns on our website are always free.