What Is the Best Fabric for Sleepwear

Choose from shirts to sleep – a simple question because nothing should prevent us safely pass into the realm of Morpheus: tissue should be pleasant for the body seams should not rub. Yes and design is essential. Think of the most popular types of women’s nightshirts.


Silk Nightgowns for Women

Perhaps the most sexy and feminine option. Shirt from smooth, beautiful natural or artificial silk look very good, especially decorated with delicate lace and a variety of satin ribbons. Such bats better suited for warm weather of the year or for homes and apartments with good heating. Even in the hot silk stays cool cloth that breathes well, and that means donating your body comfort and relaxation. Shirts rayon – less good option as this matter is bad and airtight. Models of artificial silk is not suitable nor excessive heat or cold. A variety of models such nightshirts marvel: young girls can select a short thin models and older ladies can accommodate long silk shirts, fitted sleeves and supplemented in tone.

Ladies Cotton Nightgown

Thin cotton – an excellent alternative to expensive naturalynomu silk for warmer time of year. This matter is very pleasant for the body, good evaporate excess moisture, allowing the skin to breathe. Modern designers are experimenting with cotton cloth, turning it into a variety of bright colors with decorative prints and coatings, so it should not be seen as nightgowns only option for older women. Even very young girl will find a model cotton nightshirt that has to its liking.

Women  Nightgown

Hot ladies nightdress cold time of year can be made from this material pleasing to the body as the bike. January vorsistaya structure is very suitable for sewing winter pajamas and nightshirts. Here you can stay on longer patterns, it can even reach the floor. This will provide comfort during sleep. This long gown will not be much ride up devoid of vegetation body and, accordingly, can not afford to freeze. Well, if such a pattern night shirts will be equipped with long sleeves or at least broad straps, closing shoulders.

Women Flannel Gown

Flanelevaya shirt and suitable for cold weather. This fabric is soft, with excellent bilateral nap will warm even in the strongest frosts and a wide range of colors flannel (from flowers to geometric drawings) will take a night shirt that will appeal just for you.