What is Dangerous about Ice Climbing

If it turns blue-green waterfalls in a huge icicles, into a magical world of blue, white and transparent ice. When be crystallized ice water sparkles and eldsvådar in the Sun: in such a moment evokes the lure of ice climbing. The biggest challenge is then to keep your anxiety under control, because it’s terribly frightening. Sometimes transforms you to ice axes ice by only a few centimetres thick. Have you built it, hang up at high altitude over the abyss …

What it is: ice climbing?

According to andyoutdoor, ice climbing climbing upright ice. Such upright ice cream can be found in some parts of the glaciers, but also on the frozen waterfall, which actually icefalls. Most ice climbers prefer the frozen waterfall above the glacier.

The origin

Ice climbing evolved from mountaineering, where hack and crampons were important when climbing glaciers. Because the area where the climbers were became more extreme with steep mountainsides and intensive cooling was all starts ijsklimtechnieken necessary.

Dangerous form of climbing

Ice climbing can be classified as the most dangerous form of climbing, as regular ice cubes to interrupt or collapsing icefalls. An ice climbers must:

  • possess a strong knowledge of climbing techniques;
  • huge knowledge of structure and performances of the ice;
  • be careful;
  • has a big mountain climbing experience.

An ice climber:

  • Constantly forced to seek their limits and to shoot;
  • Should trust his material;
  • Must be in a very strong condition.

The different manifestations of the ice

The ice cream comes in various forms. For example, there is the firnijs which originates from the snow.Firnijs is white and soft. Another ice shape is sherbet, which is very difficult. Each type of ice requires a different approach. The ice climbers pick their way to the top with ice axes and crampons, with pikkels, fuses and wires.
The climber
If you are for climbers, go first to the top. You are the gauges for the gauge works upwards and thereby make fuses so the other ice climbers safely down rope can upwards. When it comes to climbers, you are at the greatest risk.

The eternal temptation

When an ice climber’s time on top of an ice fall at about 80 to 100 meters, with cold feet, frozen fingers and dog tired from the physical and psychological suffering, he always that this is the most have been the very last time. That henceforth he will still climb the mountain, but in subtropical or elsewhere. But when the teal, then sounds again the lure of ice climbing and before he realizes that he is dangling again at temperatures less than or equal to Min20 degrees frozen icefalls!