What is Color Therapy Treatment

The  increasingly popular alternative medicines, include Chromotherapy. This curative treatment by color allows to treat the body and mind by acting on the body and the emotions. What are the benefits and how do these treatments colorful on the body and the human psyche? Focus on a modern trend for the well-being.

What is color therapy?

Chromotherapy, or chromatherapy, is a treatment of alternative medicine using colors to treat the psychological, emotional and physical ailments. Most often used through light filters, colors are interpreted by the body that reacts to the waves causes the filtration of white light. Chromotherapy for example to decrease migraines, rheumatism, to treat burns and fever. Chromotherapy also encourages the visualization and the cure of the colors on a daily basis to combat stress and depression.

How Is Chromotherapy On The Body?

These are the chromatherapy light and molecular practices that can act directly on the body. If chromatherapy light is projected onto a part of the body by points acupuncture or light targeting, molecular Chromotherapy is used in physical form through ointments or homeopathy. Technological innovations to create its own Center of Chromotherapy light in her bathroom. The shower heads and lights along the walls to take a light colored home and Institute.

Chromo therapy against stress

Chromotherapy can be done easily on a daily basis without the need for technological means. In the image of the colors that make up our environment, we can control our mind by visualizing energy or soothing hues. The visualization of colors accompanied sometimes symbolism allows emotional control and increased concentration. Not in daily scenery that surround us, the colors have a big role because they influence our moods. This is why play with colors in our homes, but also in our clothing allows to promote our State of mind.

The colors of chromotherapy

If all colors can act on the human being both the moral point of view that a physical, there are 12 highlighted by Chromotherapy. Red, magenta, Crimson, purple, orange, yellow, lemon, green, turquoise, indigo, cyan, blue blue. Classified in different ways, these colours remain the same. You can find divided by primary and secondary, warm and cool colors, but also categorized by their properties: energy, protecting, soothing… Some more easily than others on certain parts of the body will act according to whether they are related by the energy of their airwaves. Yellow, for example, is an ally of the digestive system, while the violet encourages concentration and memory.