What Is an Oyster Perpetual Rolex

If you like good watches have certainly noticed the inscription Oyster Perpetual in the display of the coveted Rolex, but probably never understood what exactly does this term, I can’t tell you what your invention represented to the watch, by the way, I’ve always been curious about it.

Tells the story at biotionary.com that at the beginning of the 20th century, one of the biggest problems of the watches was the dust and dirt that was damaging their delicate mechanisms, demanding a lot of maintenance and little practicality. So in comes the German Hans Wilsdorf, owner of Rolex and a perfectionist nato that bothered with this problem, developed in 1926 1 box impervious and waterproof, bringing as a submarine hatch threaded, a revolutionary double Crown, sealing perfectly the piece. Wilsdorf christened your creation of Rolex Oyster, the difficulty we have to open an oyster (oyster).

The watchmaker also was a good student and watching the disbelief of the people as the efficiency of your work, put their watches inside aquariums in the Windows of the shops, proving to have invented something revolutionary for the time. Wilsdorf also invested in an ingenious publicity stunt, giving Mercedes Gleitze was about to swim the English channel. When she reached your goal there was a company photographer hoping to register the time stamping the front page of theDaily Mail of London the next day, not because it is news, but because the German paid an advertisement to advertise the made of swimmer and, mainly, the infallibility of your watch. A legend was born!