What Are The Dangers of Elastic Bracelets

The sets of elastic bracelets is turning into a fever among children and teenagers a bit everywhere and I came to Brazil. With these little rubber bands you can make countless creations, from bracelets of various formats to various figures, such as minions, hearts, strawberries and even penguins. You can make these bracelets with your fingers, forks, clothes pegs, pencils and pens or using a loom for these creations. But much has spoken about the dangers that these rubber bands can cause to the health of children. Check out the following article of a what are the dangers of elastic straps.

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With smell, bright, of all colors and glow in the dark, the rubber bands are being fashion both in boys like girls and the young cariocas leverage recess to make these colorful bracelets. You can find the elastic loops for sale in packets of various colors and also pending to put on bracelets.

But, there was an investigation which revealed that these pending (loom charms) could contain a carcinogen in significant quantities. This substance is the phthalate, a chemical used to make plastics softer. EU legislation allows the use of 0.1% of this substance, with the exception of materials that can be brought to the mouth.

After this investigation, the largest retailer of toys from the United Kingdom withdrew as a precaution all packages that had for sale on the market. The danger lies in the fact of the child take the object to the mouth, because the chemical comes in contact with the body.

To avoid this situation, make sure that the packaging of both elastics as pendants have the safety in accordance with the rules of the European Union. In addition, do not give this kind of products to children between 0-3 years, since at that age put everything in their mouth.

See also other cautions must be observed to prevent accidents in your kids with these rubber bands:

  • Warn their children not to play with the elastic loops like they’re not hurting for slings.
  • do not let their children sleep with some elastic bracelet, ring, or any other elastic object in the body because it can cut off blood flow.
  • tell your children to wash their hands after playing with the elastic loops.