What are AutomontÁVeis Tents

Automontáveis, also known as tents tents pop up, seem to spell: they assemble themselves! The structure of them is super flexible circular rods are properly attached to the tent fabric. When taking the product from the packaging, the rods “unwind” automatically and the tent opens and mounts instantly.

So, as a parlor trick.
The picture is merely illustrative. You don’t need to throw her into the air for her to mount, just take the packing rods already open and she rides.
The Quechua was one of the pioneers in the creation of this type of tent. After other brands like Nautika, Mormaii, Mor and Hummer came to cmercializar also these models. But currently the Nautika and Mormaii withdrew this model line. Vale comment even though, at the moment, only the Quechua has tents with room automontáveis and sobreteto; the rest are working with models of the wall only , i.e. that do not have sobreteto.
This type of tent has pleased a lot especially to those campers who don’t dig the work to assemble and disassemble the tent.But like any tent, she has advantages and disadvantages. We cite below some characteristics of automontáveis tents and analyze its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your use. Gives:
Speed and practicality
The great advantage of a automontável tent, as its name implies, is that you don’t need to ride it – simply take the packaging and it opens automatically. Then just put the espeques to arrest her on the ground and ready! Instead of spending 15/20 minutes riding, you can have it ready in less than 1 minute and with minimal effort.
Disk packing
One of the main features of this type of tent is your packaging format for storing and carrying the tent. Your disk format makes it impractical to be loaded. Depending on the size of the tent, even in the trunk of a car can be a lousy load.
For backpackers, it becomes practically impossible, since there can be placed inside the bag and there is no easy way to bind it on the outside. However, in a tent that the disc is very small and using some strings or extenders, it is possible to find a way to arrest her in the back of the Pack. Is impractical and you’ll look like a turtle, as you can see in the image below.
Definitely not recommended to be used by backpackers, but the disk format is not enough to be a disadvantage if you travel in a car with enough room for tent.
The tents of this type are self-supporting, IE, are mounted even without the espeques (in fact they are “super self-supporting” just take the packing to automonte!). This characteristic allowsit can be placed on a hard floor as rock or concrete, since it is not dependent on the espeques to be armed.
Resistance to rain and winds
Their performance under conditions of wind and rain cannot be generalized to all the tents of this type, since it depends on the waterproofing of the fabric and the amount of points that she has. But it is worth commenting that, as a rule, single wall tents and without many attachment points are not indicated for use in windy situations and a lot of rain. If a pop up tent with sobreteto, it’s guaranteed that you won’t pass perrengue in the rain.
A feature of this type of tent is the smaller models, for one or two people, usually have very low ceiling. Can be tricky to sit inside it. It’s always look closely tent specifications for her height.
In time to keep the tent, you may have some difficulty to do her “fold” correctly. This is not necessarily a problem, since they usually come with the instructions, and then to try and err sometimes, you “get the hang of it”. The bigger and more complex the model, more complex will also be the schema.Somewhat larger models, there may be even more difficult, especially if a person is saving it on your own.

Before finishing, worth commenting that this is a basic article, just to explain the General characteristics of this type of tent.But each model is unique, with its advantages and disadvantages. In the future we will do reviews of some models and then we will analyze with more detail each tent.
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