Westwood Vintage Shoes

Her talk around the world, a little ‘because it is the queen of burlesque, that kind of strip, has become a true cultural phenomenon appreciated all over the world, who ironically looks to the past proposing the sophisticated elegance of the stars than once, is fun, but never vulgar, and have recently seen performing in the historical performance of ” martini glass” even on the stage of the Ariston during the last edition of the Sanremo Festival, and certainly you will know that Dita Von Teese, is a true style icon now.

Always at the forefront in the most prestigious parterre of the most popular parades, the Von Teese is immediately recognizable by its retro clothing, love for vintage and makeup inspired by the stars of old Hollywood. We look at one of his last outfit, with which Von Teese has presented in Vintagematters at the “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend” where she had gone to publicize the results of his latest work, the book “Dita Stripteese”. The star, very popular especially in the United States, wore for the occasion an original Vivienne Westwood vintage, clearly inspired to fashion clothes in the French courts in the ‘700. The white dress with delicate blue prints in fact, narrow at the waist to highlight its stra-famous wasp waist, seems to gain volume on the sides nearly diva wore under the skirt of paniers according to the fashion of the time. But what most of all draws attention to detail that is a beginning, lost watching the delightful look together, go almost unnoticed: his Marie Antoinette by Christian Louboutin. A pair of shoes so special and unique that only 36 copies exist in the world, and that Von Teese was the first in the world to receive.

As if the rarity of these shoes, real collector’s items worth over $ 6,000, not enough, the real chiccache makes it unique is the small detail that only the best watchers among you will have noticed: the message “These are Dita’s. With love from Christian Louboutin “on the front of the plateau. What would you give for a pair of shoes made” with love “for you to Louboutin?