Westwing Guide Toromantic Lighting

The romantic style of decoration, which emphasizes floral prints, delicate tones and inspirations in nature, has given rise to several furniture and decorative elements that complement a delicate environment and also embellish more modern spaces, contemporary and even retro. The romantic light fixture, which can be either a ceiling or a table top, adds a little more space to your room, and is perfect for an intimate touch to a date, a dinner for two or special moments between friends.

It can be white, transparent glass, with delicate prints, iron, cloth and even paper. The important thing in a romantic lamp is to transmit good sensations and leave a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere for special moments.Want to know how to use a romantic lamp to beautify your home? Westwing teaches you! Follow the tips below!

The Romantic Style: Small Details

A romantic atmosphere must, first of all, count on charming elements and that go back to the tranquility. At that time, the romantic lamp comes on the scene, as it allows you to change the appearance of an environment in a simple and very charming. Try spreading various romantic fixtures around the house in a special dinner for two, for example. The result will be amazing!You can also transform the romantic lamp into the centerpiece of an environment that follows this style, complementing the décor with flowery cushions, voil curtains, delicate fabrics and flower pots.

Using The Romantic Lamp

As it is a highly versatile piece, the romantic lamp can receive lamps or candles, depending on the model chosen by you. Pendants, lanterns, candlesticks and washers are excellent allies when it comes to composing aromantic setting and should be explored in a special event. When using a romantic lamp, the ideal is to compose a cozy and charming space, whether in a dining room, living room or bedroom. One tip is to brush several types of romantic lighting fixtures by the environment and let the charm of the candles light up a staircase or a hallway, for example. The result is so charming that it enchants the eyes of those who give this caprice in the decoration!

How To Make A Romantic Lamp

With few materials and a little time it is possible to make your own romantic lamp for a dinner for two or a special meeting. Here’s a suggestion of a romantic paper-coated lamp that will surprise you with such beauty. Check it!


Glass cups of various sizes




Double-sided adhesive tape

Cutting base


Step by step

Select a floral template on the internet or, if you have manual skills, draw a mole on a sheet of A4 paper;

Place the template on a cardboard and cut the petals in the indicated places using the stylus;

After cutting, fold the cut parts back, making reliefs;

Glue the paper with double-sided adhesive tape around the glass cups.The tip is to use several cups for one to look quite different;

Finally, light the candles inside the glasses and your romantic lamps are ready!

Enjoy all the beauty that only a romantic light fixture can bring to an environment by investing in that item. Then just enjoy great moments!

Westwing: The Extraordinary World Of Your Home!

Lighting is one of the most important points in decorating a home or moment. It is through her that we will provide sensations and the tone of the environment. Kitchens, for example, call for a broader lighting project, because it is the room for preparing food. Already living rooms and TVrequire more indirect lighting, as it is a space that we usually use to rest.

Westwing offers campaigns with different types of lamps. From aa floor lamp to table lamp and table lamp, in different styles and sizes. All to make your home more enlightened and beautiful. Register on our site and get a discount to use on your first purchase. Check it!