Westwing Guide Toblue Table Lamp

To decorate the house, nothing is more cozy than investing in a beautiful indirect light. They are perfect for creating a light, welcoming and receptive atmosphere for your family and for welcoming friends. If you have doubts when buying your lamp, bet on different types of lampshade. You will find shapes, materials and even different colors. To cope with a quiet environment, the blue lamp is the right choice.

The blue lamp is an object that will add lightness and at the same time, a super modern and sophisticated decoration. To do this, just know how to balance your environment in general. That’s why Westwing will tell you everything you need to know to seamlessly match your blue table lamp with the rest of the décor of your living room, bedroom and even the office.Check out our tips and get inspired!

Decoration With Table Lamp: Almost Everything Blue

Blue is one of the colors that collects most in love. It is the color of the sky, sea water and therefore, imparts lightness and serenity immediately to all.No wonder that the blue was not just fashionable and invaded the houses. If you are one of those in love with all the tranquility that blue brings, do not forget to incorporate some item in the decoration of your home, such as the blue lamp. A decorated lamp can transform any corner, bringing attention and warmth. So if you want a touch of color and life in your home, the blue shade lamp will be a discreet, soft and very charming.

Types And Styles Of Blue Table Lamp

There are many models of blue lampshade for you to use in decorating your home. The suggestion is to balance the stands and domes with the decorating style of your home. For example, if your décor is rustic, a wooden or retro stand will look lovely with a blue shade in the dome. For a more modern decoration a blue stainless steel, glass and acrylic lamp will have no error. If you are looking for a romantic touch, the blue lampshade may have support in the Provencal style or white iron. Bringing even more light to the bedroom or your living room.

If you like to put your hand in the dough, you can make a custom lamp . Just pick up an antique lamp base and you want to give a new face. If your lamp is wood, look for a specific paint for this material. For iron, stainless steel or plastic lampshade, the multipurpose spray paint will leave a uniform finish.Choose your favorite blue shade and that’s it! Your blue lampshade will be ready to enchant your room, bedroom or to brighten up the office. Another tip is to change the dome of a lamp, by some fabric of your preference, paste or sew a fabric printed in blue and bring even more life to your house with simplicity and craftsmanship in your blue lampshade!

With the blue lampshade its environments will always be well balanced, light, light and super stylish to accompany all the moments of your family with great tranquility!