Westwing Guide to Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo is a versatile, beautiful material that encompasses many qualities, with the main strength being its environmental renewal and resilience. So when we talk about bamboo furniture and accessories, such as the bamboo lamp, for example, we are talking about a beautiful, sturdy accessory capable of demonstrating all its ecological concern with decoration, a very important aspect that dictates current trends.

A bamboo lamp is a great accessory for lovers of the rustic style. In addition, it provides an interesting contrast in more contemporary decorations, and can integrate the decoration of internal or external areas in the form of a washer, for example, among other applications. The most fun of this versatile item is that you can recreate it at home, and in a very simple way.Want to know how? Find out what Westiwng has prepared for you and get inspired!

Bamboo Lamp And Other Accessories

Bamboo is a raw material very present in current design and architecture projects, whose focus has been, in recent years, the search for responsible and sustainable design in relation to the environment. Therefore, furniture and accessories in bamboo have become very appreciated and valued in the decoration.

In addition, bamboo is a very resistant fiber, being considered on the same level as traditional woods, such as oak , for example. With so many qualities, it makes you want to have at least one piece of bamboo at home, and for starters the bamboo lamp is the perfect accessory.

The bamboo lamp can be placed in external and external areas. However, if your intended use is for  garden fixtures, you may prefer to dispose of the part from the rain, as it is weather resistant, the bamboo is sensitive to moisture, and may stain if exposed to splashing water.

How To Make A Bamboo Lamp

Anyone who enjoys crafts will love this Westwing hint, which involves very cool aspects of interior design: creativity, personalization and sustainability.The cool of the handmade bamboo lamp is that you will have a unique piece to decorate any space, in addition to avoiding expenses and be able to manufacture as many models of bamboo lamp as you want. For this, we go to step paasso for the manufacture of a sustainable bamboo lamp.

To make the bamboo lamp, you will need:

Bamboo rods (easily found in craft stores);

A simple pendant dome, lamp of the type of luminaire you intend to make following Dictfurniture;

Primer Colorless Spray;

Hot glue, lint and scissors.

To manufacture the bamboo luminaire, measure the dome and cut bamboo sticks at the corresponding height and circumference. Tip: Leave about 1.5 centimeters left over at the ends. Sand the tips of the rods and apply the first colorless primer. Then let it dry and glue the rods across the surface of the luminaire. Let one side dry completely before starting the other.

Finally, just install your bamboo lamp where you prefer. How about our hint of bamboo lamp? Learn how to do this type of play and many others in Westwing’s tips and hints guides. Track and check news every time!