Westwing Guide Forled Lamps

Lamps are responsible for lighting our rooms at night. LED bulbs offer an extremely efficient version of ordinary bulbs. So welcome to the modern era! The LED lamps, thanks to the diodes, emit a light white light and at the same time economical. This type of light offers a nice color and heat and is precisely why it saves energy.

Westwing Guide Forled Lamps

Light is needed to read, work and do many other things at night. We can find LED bulbs hanging from the ceiling or floor, with a floor stand. In order for the lamps to fulfill their different functions, it is necessary to have many different models available, such as traditional, fluorescent, white, halogen, among others. But the best lamps we can find nowadays are LED bulbs . For the curious, note that one of the best known companies in the field of LED lamps is the German Osram.

Led Lamps

A few years ago LED bulbs hit the market. They use light-emitting diodes, also known as “Light-Emitting Diode“. LED bulbs are much more respectful of the environment, a concern that is getting more and more important in people’s lives. There is no need to use mercury, as is common in other lights and the CO2 emission is almost 7 times lower than in others. Another advantage is its low power consumption, with white light emitting perfect for reading.

Unlike conventional light sources, in which tungsten wire is heated to incandescence and due to electric current, LED lamps require only 30% of the usual power to function perfectly. As if that were not enough, LED bulbs also offer a dimmer regulator, allowing you to increase or decrease the light intensity as it suits us.

The White Light

What do white light LED lamps offer? This question is posed by many people the first time they hear about them. The answer is very simple: the classic lamps emit a slightly yellowish light, while LED lamps emit a bright light, completely white.

In the beginning, when they were still in development, the LED lamps were bluish in color and the first consumers were a bit disappointed that it was not a big improvement in terms of lighting . From that point, the engineers worked so that the LED lamps would offer a white light, which brings a series of advantages.Try it and you will never want to go back to the past!

Advantages Of LED Lamps

Light emitting diodes as a power source not only reduce our energy consumption but offer many advantages. Unlike the others, LED bulbs contain no toxic substances and do not emit any radiation. As if that were not enough, the brightness of their light does not wear out and they have an expectation of durability of 25 years.

Another great advantage of LED bulbs is their design , because thanks to the versatility of their bulbs, they can take many different forms. Thanks to this, we can get all kinds of lighting, whether they are larger, smaller or thinner LED bulbs. They can also be oriented in different directions and the light will still work well. The LED lamps are adjustable, allowing you to set a stronger intensity on the table to eat and a softer one to read. With the LED bulbs you can have multiple bulbs for different occasions. Anything is possible, so personalize your home with style, modernity, energy saving and still conserving the environment.

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