Weekday Fashion Brand

When I heard that Weekday would release a collection named WKND was my first thought that maybe could find a pair of cheap chinos when the collection is released. Perhaps those who want a flabby shirt, tinted sunglasses, affordable travel bags and flying shoes would be able to meet their needs? But oh what my image of lukewarm Pripps Blå-weekend burst when the display broke off.

The screening took place on Weekdays shop in Gothenburg. To accommodate all the people and at the same time, accommodate a catwalk was creative enough to put a black carpet that coiled around the store, where the models went a lap so that everyone got a chance to see the creations up close. Front-row at all. As appealing as it was free entry, no guest list and free beer.

When the first model made the entrance I had difficult to distinguish gender. On the head-on all fashion models-put a CAP that hid his face. I thought spontaneously on New York designer Thom Browne robbing hoods before next season. The caps was much t-shirts with prints, shirts with moonlit-paintings (you know, just the same as street dealers spray with a frame and all passers-by find so amazing) and trousers in nylon material. And it was basically everything. Any built-in Backpack in a jacket and high boots.

Weekday themselves describe the collection as “A collection of interface between sports, youth fashion, innovation and future and has an identity of its own”. Newly recruited for the mission is Peter J-one half of the duo Peter Dennis & jeans. Manolo took a snack with him after the show.

Describe the collection.
“We wanted to create a new design language-new forms and details. A more playful design language.

What are you inspired by?
“We have been inspired by youth cultures, the collection is based a little bit on that feeling when the rave culture started there in the late 80s early 90s.

I am not thinking so much of Sweden when I see this, I think, rather, of Danish design such as Vibskov.
-Yes, we wanted to do something completely new, which has not been made in Sweden before. Then it can probably be so because I and Henry (Vibskov) has gone to the same school, we are both trained in London (at the St. Martins, eds.).

What happens next for Dennis & Peter?
“We will continue at the same pace. Dennis work on Acne, so we run a little when we have time. The collections will certainly not grow, we are located at the stores we want to be on.

In conclusion, may I say that WKND feels like a modern injection among all the stereotypical Swedish brands. There are certainly already designers of this kind, such as, for example, Nakkna, but when one picks up a line on the Weekday so wont you often have a price in mind. This will probably not be Cheap Monday-cheap but it is certainly a step in the right direction; to make the “difficult” clothing to the masses. And certainly it is modern, and it sure is fun, and certainly it is not flat and boring. But it won’t escape the question that always creeps in after you have digested all the impressions after a viewing of this kind: How portable is it?

The collection of backpacks comes to Lawschoolsinusa this spring and will, like an ordinary label, releasing two collections per year.