Wedding Rings with Brillant Crowns: Make You Like a Princess !

Who did not pursue the royal dream wedding in Sweden?Everyone who has seen it has also noticed the fairy-tale tracing that Princess Madeleine got from her husband, Chris O’Neill, on her finger.It is a breathtaking ring with a brilliant coronet, which underscores the natural beauty of the princess.

Our customers do not have to have a blue blood in order to create a unique wedding ceremony with a diamond ring according to their personal ideas.Thanks to the sensational prices at 123gold and the current low price of gold, the dream of a wedding with a crown can easily become a reality.A Trauring with Brillantkranz not only looks spectacular, it also has a very special charisma.It symbolizes the perfection and the holistic of their love.

Anyone who has looked closely at the wedding will have noticed that the bride wore her engagement ring at the ring finger of the left hand.The bridegroom put her trauring on the same finger so that the engagement ring and the trauring lay directly against each other.Since both rings are matched, they look beautiful together on the finger and also fit perfectly together.

In Germany the trauring is traditionally worn on the right finger, the engagement ring on the left ring finger. However, of course, you can make your engagement and wedding on the same finger. If you plan to do so, you should adjust the version of the new wedding ring of the engagement ring for a comfortable fit. In our 123gold locations, you have the opportunity to do just that. By means of pattern rings, you can try out which of the following is the ideal partner for your engagement ring.

The advantage is that you can also wear her engagement ring all her life.Many brides put their engagement ring after the wedding and replace it by the trauring, which is really a pity.However, if you adapt the wedding ring to your engagement ring, you can combine both of these beautiful, significant rings with each other and always wear them together on one finger.

If you like the idea of Engagement Engagement and Trauring, we have another, very special idea for you.The Element of Emotion brand offers you a unique magnetic ring system that allows you to create your individual ring from individual rings , such as an engagement ring, which you then extend by means of wedding rings .This way, you have the unique opportunity to merge your engagement ring and your wedding ring into a ring and thus always carry both symbols of these important life events with you.