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Wedding Dresses

No longer reigning absolute, the white wedding dress, in 2017, will yield a bit to place your new colors, which arrive with everything fashionable brides and promise to be one of the largest betting and trends. Views in many international shows, such as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, who brought the catwalks beautiful bridal gowns and colorful, the shades as roses, ash, light green, beige, ivory and nudes, dominated the major international parades bridal fashion.

The colorful details will also be one of the strong trends for the next year, where most of the bridal gowns appear sporting accessories such as veils, sashes at the waist, and embroidery on the dress, the colors green, black and purple.

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As for the shapes, the strapless remains one of the main trends, along with the tulle, which, inspired by fashion ballerinas, in 2017, will appear each time.However, one of the past trends, that promises to be featured in 2017, and is giving the talk in fashion brides, is the back of known socks white pants. Much seen in the parade of Designer Oscar de la Renta, the famous white panty appear as new and more “new” the bridal accessory in 2017.

The draping unceasingly will also be seen in the coming seasons bridal gowns, as well as detail and laces, ribbons and flowers, leaving the romantic bride, however, current.

Bold and modern wedding gowns 2017, bringing new forms and differentiated applications in their models, which bring still round, square necklines, voluminous skirts, Ruffles, lace, crochet, fabrics and patterned brocades. In addition to large flowers and small applications, as well as unusual wreaths, made in different details such as stars, feathers, feathers, leaves and branches.

The links appear as one of the main trends in wedding dresses, inspired by the Oriental garments, they add to the Western wedding dresses, wide tracks topped off with ties at the back of the dress, v-necks, light and loose sleeves, fabricstranslucent, skirts, as well as geometric style folding Origami, mixture of fabrics and many volumes.

More traditional brides will be enchanted with the wedding dresses inspired by the models of past decades, quite in evidence, the vintage style back to wedding gowns 2017, many woven brocades, pastel prints, skirts on scaled, necklines round and square, handles and balloon sleeves, lace details worked, tails and, of course, the veils. Here at vintagesfinder you can get more different models of the vintage fashion.