Wedding Accessories: Flower Bracelets

Today we talk about accessories for your wedding with some ideas dedicated to the bride but also to its bridesmaids and friends. And ‘the trend of the moment: for the ceremony or just to the reception, to realize the florist, beautiful bracelets with fresh flowers will wear you and your girlfriends. It ‘a bit’ like the idea of boutunniere for men: a small hallmark for the bride and her closest friends. Of course, the flowers have to be the same decorations and be in tune with the style of your wedding.

Now I have many of the flower designer offering this solution, easily accomplished using a base cloth on which to stop the flowers or a piece of wire which is then covered with cloth. Clearly recommend to use only fresh flowers, fake flowers would not make the same way. As you can see from Educationvv styles are many.

White flowers and red berries for a winter wedding and romantic, maybe in the snow. For summer and spring you will not be spoiled for choice: pink, green, red, blue. Try to choose pear flowers not too big that they could be a little ‘difficult to carry on his arm. You can choose a minimal style with maybe just a ‘orchid or a richer style with small roses, white berries and green leaves. What do you think of this idea? I find really a very nice solution for you and your girlfriends or witnesses. A thought that you can also save by drying the flowers bracelet.